My top 15

Yup…call me silly, call me nuts…but as I am approaching my 50th birthday I have had time to reflect and to realize alot of stuff. 1. I never thought I would be where I am today. 2. I never expected to Love my Family as much as I do. 3. God gave me girls in my later life for a reason. 4. I never thought I would have the appreciation for life that I do. 5. I realize there are idiots and then there are IDIOTS!!!! 6. I have an appreciation for the things I’ve seen and the places I have travelled all BEFORE I was 16 years old. 7. The people who have come in and gone out of my life, and what they mean to me and what I have learned from them, and am still learning from them. 8. Happy that Facebook has let me re-connect with people from my past that have come back to my future…..(wasn’t there a movie about this?) 9. Surprised that I have actually lived 18,258 (actually I believe it is more cuz I didn’t figure in leap years) days and I am still going strong. 10. I am and will always be a “kid” in my Dad & Mom’s eyes. 11. That finding the Love of my life (Eric Ownbey) and spending the rest of my days with him makes me REALLY happy! 12. That I can honestly say when i was a kid I never thought this far ahead…. 13. God has blessed me in so many ways I could never explain. 14. I am a happy person most of the time, I get down and get sad at all of the things I have gone through but as my Dad tells me “It builds Character”…uhm… I gotta lot of Character. 15. That right now and at this time of my life I am looking forward to the next 50 years and Bring it On…because there is still so much to learn, live and experience. Thanks ya’ll for listening! .


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