Well Hello There!

Well Hello There!

Yup, I have started my own blog…uhm.. I’m a little nervous and antsy about this but I will give it my Best shot and try.

Why do I want to Blog?  Well, I’m not quite sure other than to get some stuff off my mind, maybe to help other people in my shoes (there’s gotta be somebody else doing what I am doing)  or..maybe just show to SOMEONE else how crazy my life can be and know that I am at least making someone else laugh or become inspired.

So…I am a caregiver to my Mother who suffers from a healthy case of Parkinson’s and VERY healthy dose of Dementia.  I also am a Caregiver to my Grandson Camden Ross who is a character worthy of another blog spot…hehehe nah, I’m just a proud Granny of someone who loves me unconditionally and who makes me giggle on a regular basis.

There will also be mention of my family as in …my Hubbs…Eric, and children..ALL of them…sorry to Nate, Claire, Erica, Jason, & Marc..not to mention my kid’s spouse’s….  uhm…Josh, and also Misty…(the other kids are working on getting a spouse or are just not ready for a spouse)…hmmm that could be another blog….

I have 4 grandkids….Jason Jr, Kendra, Brayden and Camden…I love them ALL and do not have favorites but this lil guy Cam is really in my heart BIG time right now. Plus I watch him 4 days a week on most weeks and other times I just straight up kidnap him.

And my Mother, who is inbetween stage 4 and stage 5 of Parkinson’s with Dementia.  I made a deal with my Husband and also my Dad that I would start giving her full time Daycare.  So…I pretty much take care of her during the day and at least 1 night a week, and clean house, do laundry, and all of the cooking for them (Dad isn’t a Spring Chicken at age 78 and I think he likes me being there…I am still “the kid”).

This will be a chronicle of the Journey I am taking and hopefully other’s will enjoy it as much as I am…


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