Just another Saturday…time to reflect…

Well, here we are, we FINALLY made it to Saturday.  Altho, for a home-maker, caregiver, and usual stay at home person (except for Mon-Fri) I tend to like Saturdays.  I usually stay in my p.j.’s all day, catch up on Facebook, do some domestic like things such as laundry (never-ending story), vacuming…(my cat is trying to build another cat with all the hair the vacume cleaner picks up), put away ALL the groceries that I send the Electrician to the grocery store (armed with a list, that does not prevent the 100 phone calls from the grocery store from him…do we need????).(Uhm…for the sake of our budget, I’m NOT allowed in the grocery store…that story is for another day)  I take this time to reflect on my past week.

I spent alot of the week with these folks…Yup Mom & Dad….I had a heart-to-heart talk with both of ’em this week.  I learned a few things to.  While my Mother is feeling the effects of Parkinson’s her humor has remained intact.  From the getting into the zone with her morning exercises, to really ripping it up on the living room, dining room, hallway track.  One thing I learned this week was that altho my Mom’s movements have been hampered she is feeling a lil useless.  While this is farther from the truth in my mind, I had to look at it from her perspective.  What used to be a VERY independent woman is now dependent on my Dad & I for her day to day existance.  So with that in my mind, I put her Monkey butt to work…. I gave her a dusting cloth, she dusted everything in reach.  I helped her to stand in the bathroom so she could clean the bathroom….it’s a good thing my Dad taught me what swabbing the deck meant, because that’s kinda what happened.    After helping her back to her “spot”, I re-cleaned the bathroom by using 500 towels to mop up all the water, and reclean the mirror from the swab marks and streaks,  but ya know what…..it didn’t matter if it made her feel useful then that made me happy. 

Spent some time with this lil’ dude too.  He just straight up makes me happy.  Actually, this lil dude is upstairs taking a nap.  I also think I could get rich if I could figure out how to bottle that energy and sell it to us older folks.  hehehe… Lil’ dude spent some time with my folks this week,  playing a game of catch with a tennis ball with my Mom & Dad, and then giggling non stop when he would throw the ball in the trashcan and look at all of us like “well…are ya gonna get it so we can play some more?”  He even participated in a coupla laps with my Mom.  What was really cute was when it was time to go and he ..(where was the Electrician’s camera when I needed it?) gave first My Dad and then My Mom kisses and then waved goodbye, while walking to the door backwards and almost falling on the floor.  You see, this kid carries his “blammy” EVERYWHERE…kinda like Linus in Charlie Brown, right down to sucking his thumb and all.

He’s done it for awhile (yup, it’s an old pic)

Now he has a lil boy look….

Since it’s a Sat. night…not quite sure what’s on the adgenda  but this would be nice

Oh well… we’ll just have to see how it goes….Happy Saturday Ya’ll!!!!


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