First Parade for Cam the Man!

In  the small town that I live in, this was Homecoming Weekend.  What that basically means is that the whole town shuts down for the Homecoming parade, on friday afternoon.  Seeing as how, due to the Nursing students schedule change, I had Cam-the-man for the Friday night, I picked him up early so he could attend his first Parade in person!

  The one main street in town  is lined up with all the kids, parents, grandparents and just about everyone  who lives in this area who are not at work. People were cooking out in their yards (getting ready for the ballgame)  Well this was Cam-the-man’s first parade…ever….. (and like his momma who used to watch and participate in it, well it’s tradition)  (Plus I’ve been in this parade for about 3 years and this was the first time I actually got to watch it). We got there a little early and well…he was a little restless.

Finally, the parade started and he sat on the curb with me and was totally enthralled.  (We were too busy watching the parade for pics…sorry)  He pointed at EVERYTHING, danced to the marching band, wasn’t too enthusiastic about candy being tossed to him and tried to follow the Fire-truck.  He giggled at the floats and then his cousin drove by on a float, (we were sitting with son-in-laws family), and promptly started yelling at him. To bad no-one could understand what he was saying but he was happy.  When the last float went by and it was a time to go, Lil dude promptly got back into the car and rode the 10 minutes to our house and took a 2 hour nap.  I would say over-all his first parade was a hit.  Oh yea…We won the Homecoming game   24-14.  It was a GREAT afternoon.  Part 2 to follow.


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