Fun weekend.

Well….Monday sure came around fast didn’t it?  I was soooo happy to see my “Outlaws” and also cried a tear (ok maybe a few) this morning when they left.  I learned a lot of stuff this weekend.

I enjoyed cooking some family recipes with my M-I-L, had fun chatting with “Papa” and felt like a kid listening to how the Electrician grew up and memories of past Grandparents and stuff. 

We had a discussion about the “older folks”, it seems funny to say this especially since “according to the young one’s”, WE are the older folks.  But what we decided was it was our responsibility to pass down all that we know, so the one’s before us will be remembered and how much they accomplished in their lifetime.

In my family, the “older folk” would be this woman….

This is my Grandmother, other people in the family called her Aunt Ruth, the Farmer called her “Mom’, I called her Grandma.  This lady gave me more than anyone else will ever know.   This is a Lady.  She had many, many qualities.  Her life was not an easy one.  She was born into a Farming family and didn’t always have a lot, but they did have values.  (To the Farmer: forgive me, for you knew her so much better than I did…but this is MY story..:) love ya).  This lady, tought  me etiquette, grace (uhmm…I don’t think I ever caught onto that one),  compassion, true grit, and a strength you would not believe.  I have a lot to be thankful for and because of her.  She stays in my heart and thoughts for ever.  From the time I was born, until the time she died, she was and is my heritage.  It is my duty to tell my children and their children about her.  I knew her a lot better than my Grandpa, simply because he died when I was little, I do have memories of him, but they are vague.  My Grandma mage a Huge impact on my life that words could never explain.

See this woman?

This is the Electrician’s Grandma, Grandma Mary.  I had the pleasure to meet and be a part of the last few years of her life.  She was a Lady too.  She reminded me alot of my Grandma but in different ways that I cannot explain.  This is the Electrician’s Mom’s Momma.  This is the Lady that my M-I-L took care of until the end.  She lived in Wyoming growing up and did not have an easy life either.  She had alot of qualities my Grandma had too, grace, patience, understanding.  This Lady had an impact on my life as well that I could never explain.

I guess for us this was a weekend of learning about our heritage, on the Electrician’s side.  I never forget my family and what they went through, but now I know more of what the Electrician’s family dealt with and went through.  And I guess the funny thing about it is both families have alot of the same things in common.  Maybe that’s why the Electrician and I, know and have the same values of what family is….


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