For those of you that follow my blog, you might have noticed in the past couple of days I have not said anything about Momma.  That was intentional.  The past few days have been rough.

The Farmer reads my blog and there are somethings I haven’t told him, (sorry Dad).

My Momma is not getting better, and I know in my mind she won’t, but in my heart well…that is something different all together.   We are doing the best we can with what we have and what we know.  This isn’t a pity party, this is the truth straight up. 

In the past couple of days, I have been pooped on, (okay, THAT was a funny story after talking to the Nursing student, and it was not on purpose it was just a bodily function.)  I have tried like hell to lift my Momma up (who weighs a lot more than me), and I have cried buckets. 

I don’t like this Parkinson’s thingy AT ALL…I’m just saying.  But ya know what?  I AM staying positive, and I will do WHATEVER I can, because I don’t want her to end up in a home where no one takes care of her or KNOWS her.

Okay y’all this has built up over the past few days, and if I feel like this I can only imagine what the Farmer feels.  But, he needs to know we are in this , the 4 of us. The Electrician whom has let me quit my job and let me take care of my Momma, and who has taken care of all the bills and taken care of everything.  The Farmer who has tried to take care of my Momma, and Me, who has tried to make her days more comfortable.   period.  end of statement. 

I called the Nursing Student today, because I missed her call, she wanted to know if I had remembered that she had class today and was I gonna watch Cam….well DUH….I couldn’t take her call because I was giving Momma a bath.  I called her right back and we talked for a few minutes.  I was shocked  because she even said…”Jo, I’m impressed, I work in a Nursing home and people put their relatives in there long before this, are you ok and are you sure you want to come and get Cam?”  Well duh…….. yup, I didn’t forget to get Cam….he is one of the other things that make my days go by and make me giggle.

Sometimes, when you feel like your hands are tied, you just have to reach deep, deep within yourself and realize, Hey, people have done this before and also “God brought me to it, and he will get me through it”  and I’ll tell you at this point I have ALOT of Guardian Angels helping both of us to get through this.


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