Props to the Electrician..hehehe

Ok, I have to give the Electrician Props (that would be an attaboy to us Air Force Vets, and yes, I am an Air Force Vet).

Knowing that my chin is on the floor and I’ve had a rough week with Momma he did the thing he does best, he made me laugh my butt off.

There was nothing and I mean NOTHING on t.v tonite other than the regular College football (that is on my t.v on a regular basis on the weekends).  He (after taking his shower and putting on his p.j.’s for a night of relaxation) went to the Video Store (Yup, my small town has one of those), and rented the movieBrides Maids”Bridesmaids (2011) PosterOkay peeps, I seriously laughed my ass off, and I also related to this movie, I don’t know why, and I don’t know how, but I did.  I’m not a movie critic nor am I am an expert but this movie had me laughing at the word go.  Uhm, I would not recommend this movie to my Mother-in-Law but I sure laughed my butt off.

So…props go to the Electrician who reminded me in his own way, It’s just life and sometimes we all have to find our own way and do it with the only thing we can, and with what we know how..Because I sure giggled for 2 hours and five minutes, and I really needed that…..

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