Feeling yer age….

I guess I have been feeling my age lately.  I have a lot of memories flooding over me as my birth “golden” anniversary is in the semi-near future (ok it’s a lot closer than I want to admit).

I get tired easier, I take vitamins, well…you know….

I really never put a thought to what age means.  Some people mature on different levels, or so I’ve always been told.  And truly up to this point I’ve never given it any thought.

Alot of my friend’s and classmates, fellow dormies, have achieved that “golden” age and they appear to be okay, so why am I having such a hard time with it?

I guess, because I don’t really wanna get old.  Maybe because I don’t think I have ever really grown up.  Well really, I was 4 feet 11 inches tall when I was 16, and I am STILL  4 feet 11 inches tall (Oh GOSH am I shrinking?…that comes with older age.)  Maybe because when my Dad says my name I still feel like that lil’ girl in trouble for something……or maybe not.

Because maybe I’m not in the same “shape” I was when I was say 20 or so, ok so some things have spread further than others.

The fact that I am a Mother, well….THAT makes me old, sorta, it certainly gave me some grey hairs.  (Thanks, to all of you!).  I’m really glad I have a GREAT hairdresser who colors my hair so none of those grey ones pop up, (ok so I might wait a little long and go in with that “skunk stripe”)  But she takes care of me.

I think what REALLY scares me about my upcoming birth anniversary is what I did to the Electrician for his “Golden Anniversary”, especially when he told me  “paybacks are hell woman”.

So for tonite I will STOP thinking about my natal anniversary and remember that I had a FANTASTIC day with Momma, but that is another post for a different day.  My day had it’s up’s and downs, just like every day does.  It’s the road not everyone travels.

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  1. Youth is, unfortunately on the outside. But bitterness and resent is on the outside! So it can’t be all that bad! Just kidding, youth and ageing is everywhere, but the only way to counteract it, is to accept them and subsequently not give a rats arse. Sounds like you’ve got it very well figured out though, very much enjoyed this, very nicely put and am looking forward to perusing the rest of your blog!

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