My Momma in law….

My day has been wierd….ok.. I don’t know what to say..  My morning with Momma was fine.  We did the regular thing and I got her up, bathed and dressed, and today was a GOOD day with her.  I’m tired and I know it.

 I came home, and read my stats on my blog, and then proceeded to read other blogs….I have to give this lady a shout out…that would be… , I read her blog every time she posts…. I can’t tell you about all the people I have met through my blog and friends I have made.

She posted a blog about Momma in laws today and funnily enough I got a call from my Momma in law today.   She requested the year of my birth…uhm..ok…I am exactly 1 year and 3 months younger than her son, but she called me today to ask me the year of my birth, that ensued a 1 1/2 hour conversation..In the poll…uhm…I LOVE my Momma in law, and I consider her my friend.

So I’m not sure where I fit into the poll…but… gotta say I really like blogging and really like all the friends I’ve met and ok ya’ll this is just straight up cool…..


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