Vicks Vapor Rub, Granny, Cam & Momma

Hey ya’ll… see this cute lil kid’

He infected me with some illness, I’m not complaining but the last few days have been filled with Vicks Vapor rub, cold pills, night sweats…and well…uhmmmI still love him.

I have still been taking care of Momma, and today was a fun one.  It is a long Tuesday, I went and picked up Cam-Man, and headed over to the Farmer’s house.  Cam-man still doesn’t feel well, he’s teething and has snuffles, and gave his Granny a full-blown out cold. (Ok the Electrician says I’m a whinny butt, but when you can’t breathe uhm…it sucks).  Anyway, we got to the Farmer’s house and uhm, well, the Farmer got upset cuz Cam-Man went full-blown crying to have to leave his Granny.

So, the Farmer went into his den and waved by-bye to Cam-Man, and Cam-Man waved bye to him, and then proceeded to eat a whole bowl of raisin oatmeal (YUCK), and a big mug of milk and then proceeded to get off the couch and go throw open the door to the den and say “Hey Gpa..qheuytsxrsfb”  (Ok, he still speaks his own language but I think you get the drift.) He then climbed up into Great G’pa’s lap and sat there for a while talking to the Farmer…(I think the farmer liked it).

Momma had a good day, she watched “Sid the Science Guy” with Cam, and I made breakfast.   It was a good day.  We all enjoyed the time spent together.

Sorry kids, the Vick’s Vapor rub is getting to my eyeballs, I still can’t breathe, but I think I might start to be feeling better because ok, Thera-Flu is starting to work….


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  1. Hope you are feeling better!

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