A House is a House.

A house is just a house right?  Uhm, in my way of thinking there are houses and then there are homes. 

I guess it’s the family that makes it a home.  I know that the Electrician and I looked for a home to combine his and mine, for over a year.  We looked at houses a lot.  This one is to small, this one does not have enough bathrooms, this one is just straight up yuck.  Oh the problems, meanwhile we were living in a rental house that well…fell far short of what we needed. 

We sort of fell into this house.  Truth be told, the kids and I had come to look at a house around the corner from this one.  We saw the sign in front of it and the kids and I fell in love with it.  I came back that same day with the Electrician and well…he sort of fell in love with it too.

Here it is 14 years later.  This house has turned into a home.  It is one we have raised 4 children and also many, lost souls along the way.  The Electrician and I have soft hearts and have allowed several “down on their luck” people to come and stay with us to recover, regroup, and get a little step up.

I look around at this home and feel such comfort.  One that I have a home, and all of the many memories I have here.  I’m not so much pleased lately, that EVERYTHING is falling apart.  But a fresh coat of paint, re-arranging of furniture (My living room STILL has not recovered from the oldest son moving out and us giving him all of the furniture) (although it has been a few years, but I’m picky….hehehe). 

This is a home that has been filled with sorrow, ALOT of laughter, and so many good times, and memories.  Plus the fact, I can walk around it with the lights off and not bump into ANYTHING!  Altho there was that one time I got up in the middle of the night and BAM I hit the door and got a split lip.  My outlaws arrived the next morning.

We’ve lived through flooding of the basement (which in my house is the first floor, and where our bedroom is), we’ve learned that when we have no power, uhm…we have no toilet.  We live with a well and if you have no power you have no water.  We also live in the country and when it snows, our roads are the last one’s they plow.

When we moved into our little neighborhood, our family was the youngest one here.  We’ve seen kids across the street grow up (just as our kids have) and we’ve seen death, and new beginnings.  The Electrician and I are not the youngest kids on the block any more.  But I would not trade my neighbors for nuthin….They mow our yard, and I bake them brownies.  They took care of me while the Electrician was gone last winter.  I cannot tell you how many times I would come home from work and the driveway and sidewalk were plowed.

Neighbors sometimes make a home a better place, and to tell you the truth, I have some really good one’s.  They have kept there eye on us, as we have them.

I guess a house is just a house until you add the family to it.  I am blessed to have all these memories in this house, which really isn’t a house, It’s a home.

Can you love a house?  Maybe, but I love my HOME, and I am truly bleesed and Thankful for it.



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