Wednesday before T-Day…

Well ya’ll…it’s the night before Thanksgiving here in the Good Ole’ U.S.A.  Today has been jammed packed too.  If you read yesterday’s post you know that the Farmer and I still had to unload the truck from his shopping trip to the big city.

I got to the Farmer’s house a little later than I anticipated (uhm…I overslept, AGAIN).    I pulled up in the driveway at his house AFTER, doing a load of laundry, vacuuming the downstairs, taking the trash out, and consuming NOT ENOUGH coffee, ok…maybe I TRIED to catch up on my Words with Friends on Facebook.   His truck was pulled up to the back door and he had already started to unload.  I got there and then proceeded to help him unload.  Dang, was all this stuff on the shopping list?  I personally think I get my shopping trend from the Farmer because REALLY….hehehe..(and we all know I have been banned from grocery shopping).

I put everything away and the Farmer went off to Wal-Mart for more shopping, hehehe…no, really he went to pick up his and Momma‘s meds.   I tried to get Momma up, THAT was not happening.  She is not doing very well in the mornings and I think it’s because she is not sleeping really good.  I did get her bathed and changed and her bed pads changed into dry one’s.  But, I put her butt back to bed, and I can say she was sleeping soundly when I had to go and get Cam-Man.  (I had already made the Farmer breakfast when he pulled up from Wal-Mart, Momma’s was in the heating drawer).

I went over to the Nursing student’s home and got CAM-Man, who was so totally excited to see me, I had to smile.  That lil kid is just straight up CRAZY.  He talked to me all the way back to the Farmers house and was really happy to see the Farmer.  I got Momma up and then well…I’m starting to think whenever Cam-Man is around it’s gonna be a little bit of chaos. 

Momma got up and ate her breakfast, It’s sad to say, and the Farmer reads my posts, but, Momma is deteriorating, I can see it, I don’t like it.  Maybe we have just had a couple of bad days in a row, I’ll go more into this thought after Friday.  Because, usually after a couple of bad days she has some really good ones.

I digress…..  Cam-Man and I left about 1pm and came back to my house, where, uhm, yup, he was asleep.  I put his butt to bed, and then ….let the Thanksgiving preparations begin. 

I made a  Green bean casserole, sweet corn casserole, relish tray, and a million deviled eggs…uhm…to the Farmer, yup I saved you some.    Cam-Man woke up and helped me behead a million shrimp, (okay he sat in the high chair and talked to me while I beheaded a million shrimp).  We made a pecan pie (from the Taste of Home magazine from this month).  And then…well I don’t know about ya’ll but me and him were pooped out. (Literally). 

The Nursing Student and the Fisher dude came and picked up Cam-Man, dropped off a bunch of dishes she has spent the afternoon making.   I also got a message that the College student made her Better than Sex cake  this afternoon.

So,  at this point…Granny Jo is tired, and ready to cuddle up with the Electrician and tomorrow is our Thanksgiving, so to all I wish a Good Night…. and stay tuned cuz with everyone in our house tomorrow…it will be a good one.

To the Farmer and Momma….I Love you and Thank you, for probably more than you will ever know.


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