Today was Special.

Well….today was….special.   Per a previous agreement between the Electrician and I, I was going to carry on today as normal, and we will celebrate our anniversary on another day (Uhm…Saturday). 

So, I was a little sneaky and left him a card next to his coffee cup, and cereal bowl.  I woke up to a lovely letter on the desk.  (I told you guys I love this man).  I started my day off pretty normal, until I logged onto Facebook and I guess alot of people pay attention to that little reminder thingy, because I had quite a few Happy Birthday posts.  My first response was to say “Bite Me” on them but well, I said thanks instead.

As you can tell I’ve had a few reservations about this birthday, but ya know what?  Like the Electrician told me, it’s just an age, it doesn’t change you, and besides, fine wines get better with age.  (see why I love him?).

So with all that being said let me tell you why today was special.  I got ready and went to the Farmer’s, and had a little chat with him (uhm it was really short cuz I was late, and NO, I did not sleep in, I played words with friends on Facebook, did a load of laundry and drank 4 cups of COFFEE..hehehe). And I had to stop for gas, and visit with my “twin sister”  Jill who told me to go back home and look in my mailbox (she lives right around the corner from me, and next to the Electrician she is my “best friend”.)  So, I drove back home and checked the mailbox, (probably a good idea before the mailman saw what was in it.).  I laughed and smiled, she had left me a card and a present….enough said about that one.  I love her.

Anyhoo, I got Momma up, bathed and dressed, and we exercised, she is getting really good at doing the bicycle with her legs, and then she gets her arms moving and whammo, she’s flying.  We got her dressed in the last of her new duds and she really looked spiffy.  When I woke her up and got her up she said to me who’s taking a picture?  I had just shown off my birthday present from the Electrician, to the farmer…..yup, I got one of those new fangled cellphones that takes pictures.  (Uhm, watch out when I figure out how to upload or download those suckers…).  And then she grabbed my face and gave me a kiss and told me “Happy Birthday Honey”.  AWWWWW….

I cooked breakfast, today was a Special day so it was bacon, eggs, and fried tator’s (I love anything potato).  Then proceeded to make brownies (for the Farmer’s Christmas party this evening), make (okay open 3 cans of Bush’s Bourbon baked beans and put them in the crockpot) baked beans with bacon (ok I fried the bacon and the kitties got a couple of pieces too, HEY it’s my Birthday I can do it…hehehe, they needed to celebrate too).  Laundry was accomplished and then…down the road I went.

Where you ask, uhm  CAM-MAN, I scooped him up from the Nursing Student’s house (where she was already down for a nap, because she works tonite and I had to wake up Cam),   We snuck out of the house and down the road we went to my house, where I thought he would take a nap, uhm…yea ok, who am I kidding?  He slept for about 30 minutes and then started yelling.  So, I went and got him up, changed his pants and downstairs we went .  We played for a bit and then the Electrician called me, did I need anything and did I buy ice?  Nope I forgot to buy ice, uhm sorry.  He said he would be home in 5 minutes.  Mind you, he did not know Cam was there.   

When the Electrician pulled up to the house (he didn’t pull into the driveway because he knew I had to leave again) Cam-Man was sitting in Ms. Baby’s spot in the Garage window.  Cam was smacking the window screaming “HEYYYYYALDKGIFGPRPR”, and then Poppa saw him, and broke into a grin.  Cam-Man was waiting at the door when his Poppa came in the door, and there ensued a major hug and kiss scene.  (Seriously kids, it’s only been about a week since these two have seen each other, but you would have thought it was years.)  Cam-Man helped Poppa (AKA the Electrician) bring all his stuff in and then the playing started in earnest.

What can I tell you?  To watch my husband play with his first Grandson and watch on the sidelines, knowing that Cam-Man will ask for his Granny at some point…well….My cup runneth over.

Time was spent playing, laughing and learning.  the Electrician bundled Cam-Man up and I returned him to the Fisher dude, and then went back to the Farmer’s. 

The Farmer had a Christmas Party to attend, and I was watching Momma.  Momma wasn’t so good when I got there and I understand what he’s been telling me about the evenings.  They don’t pick up until about 6:30 and then decline about 8:30. Don’t get me wrong, I had a really good time with Momma, but I really don’t like Parkinson’s, at all.  She is there, sometimes, but then it’s like her mind is GONE, and I’m not sure where she is.  She told me some stuff tonite, and well….enuff said.

I got home to the Electrician and well..  folks, I married my soul-mate and on the night of my 14th Anniversary (being together for 16 years).  There is something to be said for all of this…it’s called a Blessing.



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  1. Hello there! Your personal page is great as well as being a real pretty decent know!…

  2. I haven’t checked in here for some time since I thought it was getting boring, but the last handful of posts are really great quality so I guess I’ll add you back to my daily bloglist. You deserve it my friend. 🙂

  3. Good article and Nice blog greetings!

  4. Lovely blog! I am loving it!! Will be back later to read some more. I am taking your feeds also.

  5. Since i love your posts i thought i would show my appreciation by making a comment. Thanks alot for the excellent times you give 🙂

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