Woops, missed a day.

Okie dokie kids, I missed a day.  I’m not quite sure how it happened, but somehow I forgot to post last night.  I usually do my posts after dinner, and my shower.  But yesterday was kinda farfunugened from the start.

I HAD planned to go get Momma up, fly over and watch Cam-Man and then fly back to the Farmer’s house and get them ready for a the weekend.  Best laid plans, huh?  Nope, that’s not what happened.  The Farmer needed to make a trip to Wal-Mart (AGAIN) (hehehe), and Momma had a  semi-rough morning.  So, I made breakfast and then got Momma up, bathed and dressed, slapped her coffee and breakfast down, and flew outta the house to go and pick-up Cam-Man.

Went and picked him up, and HE was in rare form, laughing and giggling.  We have a little routine we do when I lock his butt into his car seat, shut the door and then stand there and wave at him like a loony, he giggles and waves and then points to the driver’s seat of the car.  So I get in, put my seat belt on and before I even start the car I always ask him the same question, because by now (Linus) has his thumb in his mouth and his blankey on his lap, “Okay kid, you ready to rock and roll?”  to which he ALWAYS, takes his thumb out of his mouth and says “YEA”, and then giggles.  So, I start the car and the radio plays, some days louder than others.

We get to the Farmer’s and he walks in like he owns the joint, laughing and dragging his blankey with him.  He stops and says “Hi” to Momma and then goes straight for the den to visit with the Farmer.  Mind you he hasn’t even got his hat off or taken his coat off.    They sit and visit, and then Cam-Man comes flying down the hallway at full speed to grab his toys and then try to climb anything and everything.  I sent the Farmer to the store and then Momma and Cam-Man and I played for a bit.  Momma and Cam had a little conversation while I was prepping stuff for a beef stew for the crock pot for Saturday.  Then it got quiet, very quiet, that in itself makes me worry because if the kid is quiet something is up.  I go into the living room and Momma has finished her breakfast and was dozing and Cam-Man is nowhere….uh oh…Then I heard a squeal of giggles and went into Momma’s room where Mr. Cam had climbed up the chair and was standing on the arm of it, and staring out of the open window at the squirrels who were chasing each other around the tree outside.  That wasn’t what made him squeal tho, it was the 5 point buck that was almost at the window looking at him.

I was startled, first, that a buck would be so close to the house, second, at the way he was just staring at Cam-Man.  I sat down in the chair and both Cam and I looked at him.  He must have got a whiff of me because he turned around and went back into the woods next to the Farmer’s house.  Well…I think it pretty much made Cam’s day because he stayed all giggles.

When Cam-Man and I left the farmer’s, he was once again asleep by the time we hit the end of the driveway.  When I got him to my house, I rolled him out of his jacket, took his hat off and left him sleeping with his butt in the air, thumb in his mouth and his blankey covering him.

The Electrician showed up after work and his errands and I met him at the front door, with my finger to my lips.  (That’s a sign that lil dude is here and sleeping).  The Electrician came in and saw about 7 packages I had been met with outside my front door when I got home and I dragged them into the foyer.  We have a “thing” in my house, all year-long I can open the mail and any packages that find their way to my house but in the month of December, I have no package opening privileges. (unless of course I ordered said package and it has my name on it)

So the Electrician dragged down a couple of them and opened them up (yup, I was allowed to see what was in these).  In the middle of it all I heard giggles and “Hey”, so I went upstairs and got the lil dude up, changed his pants and brought him downstairs.  He saw Poppa and let loose with a loud yell, (mind you these two saw each other yesterday, but whatever). 

We put away all of the packages, and then Cam & Poppa played for a bit, Poppa, is teaching Cam-Man how to write, and I think he may be getting the hang of it.  The Fisher dude showed up to re-claim his son.  He stayed around for a bit while we all visited.  Fisher-dude showed me some stuff to help me with my project I am working on (can’t say any more cuz the Electrician reads my posts, and it’s my project for him.)

Somehow, the night just got away from me.  The Electrician and I did something we haven’t done since he was on the road.  To tell you the truth, I kinda miss those Friday nights, the one’s where he would get home from being on the road all week, us eating dinner and then just sitting and talking, laughing, playing music and dancing around our family room like teenagers.  Well….that’s what we did last night.  So, sorry ya’ll, I forgot to post.  But ya know what?  It was alot of fun.


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