Scary Friday, Hospital Friday

This post is from the heart.  I have just had one of the scariest days in my life.  After I posted on here and shut down the computer and went and bought some Gatorade for the Farmer and  Momma, I hit the road.

I got to the Farmer’s and he was still laying on the couch still a little bit weak from the flu.  I went and checked on Momma, and got nervous.  She had thrown up again, and did not look so good.  I went in and talked to the Farmer for a few minutes when I heard a sound from her room.  Let me digress for a minute, but if you’re a Mother and your kid makes a sound don’t you go running?  I think in this case the daughter has become like a Mother.   I ran into Momma’s room and yanked her into a sitting position and she threw up, and then told me she was having chest pains.  That was the last time she talked until late this afternoon.

I told the Farmer to call 911, and we got an ambulance there ASAP.  However, the fire truck showed up first.  Ok, color me silly, but we needed an AMBULANCE and not a FIRE TRUCK.  But forgive me for not knowing the protocol.  And I’m here to give a “shout out”  to the Bismarck, Illinois Fire Dudes.  THANK you from the bottom of my heart.  They whisked Momma into the ambulance and the Farmer rode with her and I followed in my Rav 4 after making a kitty count (to make sure no one escaped while the door was open), and to lock up.

I flew to the Hospital, and WHY is it when you are in a hurry, you hit every frickin red light, and can’t fly down the road, man I wished I had a siren on my car.   They were hooking Momma up to all kinds of equipment and she was scared, (the Farmer looked a little bit nervous too).  I held Momma’s hand and so did the Farmer through most of the morning, but things seemed to drag on and on and on. 

They took Momma for some tests and other stuff and brought her back to the ER, when the nurse came in and told us she was being admitted into the ICU.  When they said ICU and asked about a DNR order, the Farmer lost it, sort of, I have noticed and he admitted it today, he doesn’t hear so well.  I kinda freaked out and set them straight.  But at the same time, I was freaked out.

About that time the Nursing Student came to the ER and brought some coffee for me and the Farmer.  She went in and saw Momma (it is her Grandma), and sat for a bit.  I went outside and called the Electrician, who made me focus and not fall apart (Thanks Babe).

I came back inside and asked if they needed the Farmer there anymore, and the Nurse said no, but someone would have to be there to answer questions in the ICU, so I took the Farmer home, feed him scrambled eggs and toast and put his butt to bed.  I flew back to the Hospital.

Now I believe in alot of things, but Momma has some Guardian Angels, as do I, and I personally think, they are all at work right now.  Let me explain.  The Transporter in the hospital is my Niece-in-law, as in she is my Son-in-law’s niece. (She’s Family).  Momma’s Nurse in the ICU tonite, is Cory, the niece’s boyfriend (He’s pretty much Family).  So, I am comforted in that.

I went back to the ICU and Momma was very scared.  I know this because I know how she acts.  I answered all of Cory’s questions, and then proceeded to calm Momma down, I whispered in her ear that I loved her, and I knew she was scared, but that we had brought her to the hospital so that she could feel better.  She squeezed my hand and kissed me and told me she loved me and then went to sleep. Not the restless sleep, but a peaceful sleep.  I whispered to her Dad & I would be in to see her in the morning and she smiled.

Although by the time her primary Doctor consults with her neurology Doctor she may be transported to another town tomorrow.    No one can tell us what happened, there were whispers of a stroke, and other things but at this particular moment I don’t think anyone is sure.

As for the Farmer, I called him when I got home, and he’s worried, but ok, because he knows Momma is getting better care than he nor I could give her, and hopefully he sleeps good tonite.

As for me….I’m having my meltdown later.  I think I’m really ok, just scared, but like the Farmer, I know she is getting good care right now and that’s all I can ask.  The rest is up to God, and her Doctors.  All of your prayers are appreciated tho.

On a side note, the post about the bathroom will come about but I just had to share a little bit of my evening.  I asked the Electrician if we could order a pizza to be delivered, because leftover’s did not sound good, and I’m just not in the mood to cook.  He said sure.  So, I asked him “what kind?”  he replied with “sausage biscuit and gravy”…uhh…what??????

So, I guess we all are a little bit rattled…..


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  1. All good wishes go to your mom. And you please try to get some rest.

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