Remodel Part 1 & 2.

This picture was taken in 1996, the year the Electrician and I became engaged. We both have been married previously, and we each brought a few kids into the family.  I had 2 boys, he had 1 boy and 2 girls.  I always thought it was strange that I did  better with boys than I did with girls (partly because I had never had any). 

Blending a family is hard no matter how you try, and learn through mistakes, it’s just plain hard.  I can say that looking back, it was fun.  We took a lot of family trips, and spent many a time with all the kids bouncing  first in the car and then the VAN (that I HAD to get when they got bigger and older). We had lots of memories in THAT vehicle.

But somehow, time has passed and all of those cute lil’ kids have become Adults, and left ME and the Electrician with that 4 bedroom house with a bath and a half that we HAD TO HAVE.  Well, honestly we did kinda had-to-have it.  Unfortunately now, all that space has remained unused. Well, let me backtrack a little bit.

We repainted the smallest room and put in a playpen and all of the things that Cam-the-Man needs when he spends time at our house.  We have a guest bedroom (which the Electrician’s parent’s stay in when they come to visit).  The other medium room is the College Student‘s when she stays with us.

Then there is the bathroom upstairs.  It is the only full bathroom we have, with a half bath downstairs (which is pretty much the Electrician’s and mine domain.)

That bathroom has lived through all of the kids and was in pretty bad shape.  So, the Electrician and I decided that we should have it remodeled.  Well, that and we were afraid because of the rotting floor, the bathtub might fall through the floor and make it a full bath downstairs.

So…we called Rebath of Illinois  and asked for a quote, and we got another quote.  To which my response was “Jimney Crickets (insert what you want cuz that’s not really what I said)  it’s only a bathroom.”

Well, we decided to do it.  Now, mind you, neither one of us has ever lived through a remodel  together.  Also the fact that we would not have a shower for 2 days, and for the Electrician who takes 2 showers a day, this was going to be a tough one.

We picked out new bright shiny faucets, shower, sink, floors and walls.  We got everything prepped for the Re-bath people.  Monday morning rolled around and the Electrician took his shower and was gone to work before they got here.  Then the wonderful Re-bath guy named Daniel showed up. 

Demolition began.  It was LOUD, DUSTY, and pretty amazing how quickly he gutted the bathroom, INCLUDING the bathtub.  While normally they do not take out the old bathtub, they had to with ours.  Remember I told you the floor was rotten?  Well apparently it was a lot worse than ANY of  us thought and when Daniel showed me the floor under the tub, I kinda freaked out. I had visions of stepping into the tub one evening and falling through the floor because just stepping on it, well let’s just say we picked the right time to do this.

Originally it was supposed to take 2 days to make us a shiny new bathroom, but because of the state of the floor it was going to take 3 possibly 4 days to complete.  The first day was demolition and the new sub floor went in and that was about it. 

The second day arrived, and stuff got accomplished, the new flooring went in (it’s really cool), 2 sides of the new bathtub/shower, the bathroom cabinet went in and then things came to a screeching halt, because nothing else could be done until the Plumber arrived on Wednesday.  (Day 2, The Electrician REALLY wants a shower, cuz sponge baths aren’t working for him.)

Day 3 arrived and lo and behold the Plumber arrived too. Now things were really rolling.  The  new sparkly sink got it’s shiny new faucet, and the toilet was installed, (hey this one doesn’t wobble when you sit on it),  the shower head and faucet were installed and lo and behold folks, We got a SHINY NEW bathroom.

While there were moments that I didn’t think we would make it and I thought the Electrician would go nuts from washing his hair in the sink, to having to take sponge baths. It was well worth it.  Especially when the job was done in 3 days instead of 4.  Here folks are pics of my new bathroom (I forgot to take pictures of the old ugly one but everything in there was blue, blue tub, blue toilet, blue sink, blue walls, ugly tile floor).

Now everything flows, from the hardwood floor, to the beautiful tan everything.  I really like my new bathroom.

So, for our first part of remodeling, it wasn’t so bad.  I do have to say that  Re-BATH of Illinois did a really good job and let me tell you folks, they arrived at my house at 7:45 each morning and didn’t leave until 5p.m. and they did not take a break for anything.   I would recommend them to anyone wanting a nice new shiny bathroom.


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