Smiles, Happy dance, GOOD DAY

This is a pic of the Farmer and Momma…they were going to meet their “Supper club”.  It’s been a few months back.  For all of you that read my posts, the past few days have been touch and go.  Guess what….Momma is BACK!!!!!!

I went this morning with the Farmer to see Momma and well… it’s been the same the past few days, Momma was not Momma.  I understand that  she is ill, and that it’s serious.  The Blood Pressure thing had us all flummoxed.  We HAD to get it under control.    Guess what?  For today, it’s all good. 

I made dinner for the Electrician and told him I had to go back to the Hospital (Momma is still in ICU), he said to me go, I’ll clean up.  I got to the hospital and lo and behold the Farmer’s truck was there (up until  now he’s been battling with the lingering effects of the flu and has not been up to driving, and I’ve been his taxi service, good thing he doesn’t mind riding with me….the Electrician doesn’t like MY driving).  I went up  and walked in and stated “Damn, it’s like a family re-union in here!”  Momma smiled and giggled.  FOLKS she smiled AND giggled.

Momma’s color is SOOOOOOO Much better AND she is speaking (something she has not done in the past 3 days).  She has so much to say, but with the tube in her nose that goes down threw her throat her voice is a little gravely and hard to understand (well to anyone else, to me it’s music in my ears).  Momma talked to the Nurse  a bit, but she could not understand her,  me and the Farmer were waiting in the hall (they had something they had to do), and the nurse came out and said “she’s talking but I don’t understand her”  so I said “I’ll translate for her”  (remember Momma is british and has an accent) So, I went in and asked Momma what she was saying….to which she replied….””tell her I like her outfit, but I’m the one with the problems…”   Well….It was a compliment to the Nurse, and the Nurse promptly told Momma “Thank you, I really needed a compliment today”.

Altho Momma may not be feeling well, Momma is back to being Momma.  If y’all don’t understand then I ask you to think about it.  This is a woman who is riddled with Parkinson’s, but…she will give you a compliment even without knowing you, because she feels it is the right thing to do.

I can’t even begin to explain the HAPPY DANCE I did when the Farmer and I were in the hallway.  Just at the fact I was surprised that he had driven himself there. (Love like that…uhmmm I Have it)  At the fact that Momma is BACK… I don’t know….

The past 3 days have been hell.  I’m sorry peeps, I’m not ready to let My Momma go, neither is the Farmer, to be truthful neither is Momma.   Parkinson‘s is our way of life.  Whatever it brings to us we will deal with it, but ya know what?   Between the Farmer, the Electrician,  ALL of our kids, Grandkids, and friends,  and extended family, prayer chains, and otherwise Momma’s gonna make it.  This I know.  It isn’t going to be easy but WE will make it, together as family and also for the Love of a Woman who loves all of us, Unconditionally.



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