Well here it is Wacky Wednesday, and things are good peeps.  Momma is out of ICU, FINALLY.  She has been moved to the medical floor in the Hospital, and is on the mend.  Although, tomorrow, she is going to be taking some tests that I imagine will not make her very happy.

The Farmer took me out to breakfast today, after we had been in to see Momma this morning.  We were both feeling better since we knew Momma was doing well.  The Farmer kinda talked to me and then looked at me with the “I’M Dad and you’re gonna listen to me” face.    I guess he’s decided that I should NOT worry about him.  In fact, it was a little conversation we had.  “You really should not worry about me Joanne”,   “Uhm Dad, you can’t tell me what to worry over and what not to, and If I feel the need to worry well….I guess there’s nothing you can do about it huh?” (typical defiant daughter response).  To which he responded “I’m okay really”…”really?”  “Yup”    me…”well okay then”.

Don’t let that conversation fool you folks, I will still worry, but ya know why I worry?  Because, he’s my Dad, she’s my Mom, and for some reason,  I really, really like having them around.

My Grandma lived until she was 97 years old I believe, I learned a lot of stuff from Grandma.  She was strict, and didn’t think twice about telling me off or spanking my butt when I needed it, and she always had a cookie or a hug for me when I needed it.  She tought me how to eat at a table with FULL silverware, she tought me MANNERS, and alot of other things I thought I would never need.  But you know what,  I HAVE needed that knowledge. 

I see alot of my Grandma in my Dad.  (Oh to the Farmer, THAT’s a compliment because she was one of the finest women I’ve ever had the pleasure to have known AND be related to).

But for all you peeps, Momma’s on the mend, I will TRY not to worry about the Farmer, and today has been a good day.

Oh yea, one more thing, I told the Farmer that if Momma was still in the Hospital for Christmas, he was to come to my house for dinner.  Do you know what he asked me?    “I read your other post, does that mean I get the Banquet Turkey T.V. dinner?”  ….Uhm…no Dad, you get the ham that I am making AND you don’t have to dishes ok?

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