Ruh Roh, I’m so far behind….

Wow, color me special, and tickle me with a feather.  Ok, It has just dawned on me that a week from tonite will be Christmas Eve. It also dawned on me that while present”s have been bought AND wrapped, I am so far behind in my Holiday cooking that I don’t know what I’m going to do.  Get busy I guess.

Usually, by this time, I’ve got cookies made and have started on my candies.  Welp, due to a couple of trips to the Hospital a day and not managing my time very well, guess what?   Yup, I got nothin’. 

So, instead of feeling rushed and whatnot, I goofed off all day, researching recipes, making sure I’ve got the ingredients I need.  (PSSTT…to the Farmer, I’m gonna swipe some of your 5 lb bag of chocolate chips when I deliver your dinner tomorrow ok?) (hehehe).

I think I am ready to turn into a baking, candy making fiend in the next week.  The Nursing Student is supposed to stop by so we can bake some goodness out of my kitchen.  I think I am ready, I swipped borrowed some cookie cutters of Christmas trees, and stockings, and stars from the Farmer’s house.  I also swipped borrowed the candy thermometer.  I had the Electrician pick up some basic baking stuff, flour, sugar, eggs, butter, brown sugar, and pecans  on his weekly trip to the Grocery store, so I’m feeling PUMPED.

I might have to do the ROCKY workout tho, climbing the stairs 50 times and maybe running around the block a couple of times.  (OK, who am I kidding?) I will probably do the ROCKY workout AFTER I eat all of the good stuff I have planned to make.  (Yea, that statement made the Electrician bust into laughter too).

My Mother-in-laws Raisen Torte (which I ALMOST have down pat, but nobody makes it like her, according to the Electrician) Pecan Tassies, Peanut Brittle, Sugar cookies (iced, if I’m feeling brave),  fudge, and I found an old recipe in the Farmer’s recipe box from MY Great-Grandma, that I thought I would try for ice-box cookies. Oh yea, I gotta throw in some no-bake cookies (the Electrician and oldest sons favorite).

(yawn)…I’m making myself tired thinking about all of that stuff.  Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE to cook, I’m a regular Junior Rachael Ray, but when it comes to baking and candy making…..well….not so much.    But my family loves me and will suffer through all of my efforts , because it’s the right thing to do.  I also make my Neighbors suffer because this is what they get from us for Christmas, special treats I have slaved spent enjoyable time in my kitchen preparing.

Also the Electrician has spent the afternoon making HIS contribution to the festivities,  Chex Mix,  OUR way….cashews, and all kinds of good stuff (I should know I spent the afternoon munching on it oops….)

So, for tonite I am savoring the last minutes of doing nothing, for tomorrow, I’m getting busy!



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