Wacky Wednesday!

Today is Wednesday folks!  Hump day to some, and just plain ole wacky Wednesday to others.  Me, I wasn’t sure what day it was today, because all of my days have melded into one another.

I woke up early and could not get back to sleep, so I got up and drank enormous amounts of coffee, played on Facebook, made the bed and hit the door early.  i wanted to get up to the Hospital to see Momma.  Today was her swallow test.

She failed, but that doesn’t matter because she will have a video one tomorrow.  I scooted out of visiting Momma after about an hour.

I ran to Wal-Mart, and picked up some Diet Coke, and a few other things.  I came home and worked on my “project” for the Electrician.  Guess what….I finished my “present” to the Electrician today and I really hopes he likes it because it came from the heart.  It’s wrapped and under the tree.

While I was home I got a call from the College Student…she’s off to spend to spend a couple of days with a friend before she comes home.  We talked about Momma, and some other stuff, but she told me, “I haven’t even shopped for you and Dad yet, what do you want?”    What do I want? 

World peace, Momma to come home…uhm…whatever you want to give me, but I really, seriously cherish something that is made for me rather than something that is bought for me.  Frame a picture for me and wrap it up.  Something that you have spent time making means all the world to me.  I don’t need something bought for me.  Does that sound harsh?

Anyhoo….I went back up to the Hospital and spent some time with Momma.  She looked so sad when I got there.  Momma is on the mend and I think she misses her life before all of this, cuz her bottom lip was dragging on the floor and she was staring at the picture of her and the Farmer that I brought up. Also, clutching the Bear (the one that went on the QE II cruise with them), Now me personally I’ve never been on a cruise, (that’s gonna be another post for a different day). 

Momma perked up when she saw me and said “You came back”…”well…duh..”   We then proceeded to have quite the conversation (uhm it was LOUD and full of giggles), The Nurse came in to check on us well…okay we were LOUD.  But Momma is on the mend. 

The Admission Gal from the Rehab facility stopped by, if Momma passes her swallow test tomorrow, she is going into Rehab.  (GOOD THING)  and even IF she doesn’t pass, (she’s never been good at tests), she’s still going into rehab. 

I talked to this gal from the Hawthorne Estates Rehab Center.  She was a little shocked.  Ok, I’m not good at tests either.  I could not remember Momma’s maiden name, (I figured it out).  She was shocked at Momma’s age, (because she is young) and the fact WE wanted her TO come home. ” This is just a phase” I told her….”Momma’s coming home” .  I guess she was a little shocked at how strongly I said this, but ya know what….”MOMMA’S COMING HOME”  Maybe not tomorrow, maybe not for a month or so, but by golly….MY MOMMA is coming home.

Momma has Caretaker’s,  that would be me and the Farmer. I was really impressed when she told me that they would teach me and the Farmer “how” to take care of Momma.  So….while Momma is going into Rehab…Me and the Farmer….we’re going to School.   

For me…today has been a good day, I hope for the Farmer too, he went back and spent the evening with Momma, because he hated leaving her like he did.  The Med’s had worn off and she had a death grip on the QEII bear.  When he went back up to the ICU this evening, it was ALL good in the hood.  I think tonite, they spent the night like they normally do, with the exception that Momma is in the Hospital and the Farmer had to go home.

Folk’s….there is a bond there, they have Love….and I think the best medicine for both of them is The Farmer and Momma together……at Home….  We are working on that.

Me….I Love them both and only want to help, and make sure THEY are happy together….



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