Dentist’s & the Electrician

Ok Kids, here I am…posting again…Having a little writer’s block so to speak.  I’ve had a…day.  First and foremost, I HATE to see anyone in pain.  The Electrician woke up this morning, he has been saying the past few days he hasn’t felt good.  Well….today, was the Catalyst. 

He woke up today (he has the next couple of days off and we had lots of plans to get stuff done.  As in Dryer shopping cuz, ya’ll know mine went to the graveyard about a week ago).  Well, he said he didn’t feel so good, but he was going to lift weights anyway. 

He lifted weights (in my garage) for about 30 minutes and came in pale, and moaning.  He said his face hurt….uhm…it doesn’t hurt me, I kinda am in love with his face and him…. And then he said his tooth hurt.  Ruh Roh….I called the Dentist and made an appointment for him for 2pm today. 

After him laying on the couch and telling me,” uhm…Hon, I don’t feel so well”.  I called the Dentist back and got an appointment for 10:30 am.  The Electrician went and got into the shower and got cleaned up, and down the road we went.

Yup, folks, the Electrician has an infection in his tooth, one of the worst the Dentist has ever seen.  So, he’s on antibiotics and also some hard-core Vicodin.  It hasn’t helped YET, because the Electrician’s whole side of his face has swelled, and he is VERY uncomfortable.  I hate that he is feeling this. 

Me personally, uhm…you can shoot me before I will go to the Dentist.  It is a deeply rooted fear that I have had since I was 16, and had to have 4 impacted wisdom teeth extracted in an over-night visit to the Hospital in England.    NEVER AGAIN. 

Sorry, I got distracted.  I have a serious fear of the Dentist, and the Electrician has undergone ALOT of HORROR’S from the Dentist that I will just keep brushing and just keep praying.

I have stayed by his side almost all day, except when I went to the DMV to get his truck registration done, and to the Store to get some soup, cuz, I really don’t want him to try to chew anything.   It is pretty quiet today because he can’t open his mouth much to talk.  I understand it, and don’t really like it, but I’m here.

I did talk to the Farmer and the Nursing student to check on Momma, I never made it to the Nursing Home to see her today, but it’s okay.  From all reports from the Farmer and her Nurse on duty AND the Nursing Student, Momma’s tired, but still progressing with all of her therapies.  Hopefully according to the plan, Momma will be home in the middle of February. 

Me, I can’t wait for Momma to be home and for the Electrician (who is scheduled for a root canal next Wednesday) for ALL my peeps to be ok.  I guess I really am a Caretaker, because I sure do like taking care of the peeps that Love me the most. 

On that note, I need to put in a special note to the Farmer……I will be by tomorrow to  check up on your butt and to drop off some food, because although you had a GOOD check up with the Doctor today, you ARE NOT ALLOWED to eat fried chicken EVERYDAY!!!!  (insert jealousy here). 

Much Love to the Farmer (although he’s not going to eat fried chicken EVERY FRICKIN DAY) , and much love to my family.  AND…Thanks to all of you that read this mess of a blog. 

Thank you all,  I’ve gotta a special one for tomorrow…..tune in and see what happens.


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