Well Care Meeting, and ROOT Canal Wednesday!!!

Well, here it is Wednesday, January 4, 2012.  For me, the days have kinda flowed into each other, and sometimes, I’m not really sure what day it is, other than looking at the calendar and seeing where I am supposed to be at what time.

The only thing I do know is that I go to see Momma, check up on the Farmer and keep the Electrician in clean clothes, clean house and cook dinner.  Being the domestic GODDESS that I am,  this is no problem.

When I looked at the calendar this morning (something I now do early, to see what my day will be like), it said “Well-Care Meeting @ 1:30.  Whew….I had over-slept until 7:30 (something I haven’t done in a long time), and then got up drank some of the nectar of the God‘s (as in COFFEE), and planned out my day. 

I had planned to go to the Nursing Home at 11:00 and spend some time with Momma, until I got the phone call from the Farmer.  It kinda went like this…

Uhm…hello, “Hey Joanne, I read your post this morning and I agree”.  Ok, I know the Farmer reads my post’s..HI DAD!!!, I just didn’t know we were both kinda thinking the same thing.  We talked for about 30 minutes and set up our game plan for the day, although like I told the Farmer, I was clear until 2:00pm cuz then I HAD to take the Electrician to the dentist for his root canal.  (On that subject, BETTER HIM THAN ME, but I promised to drive him miracle in itself, because he tell’s me hates the way I drive) 

So, I dressed my happy butt in some sweats, ran to the Dollar Store, got that stuff, as in laundry detergent and fabric softener, carpet freshener, and ok…2 liters of Diet Coke.  I then did ALL of the laundry (mind you I still do not have a dryer, but am enjoying using my garage as a clothes line, if you manage to put enough fabric softener in the washer, you’d never know they were line dried in the garage.)

I made up some signs to hang over Momma’s bed AND on her bulletin board, they read as follows:

“Hi!  Please call me Anne, I know my name is Margaret but I use the name Anne, the only time I hear Margaret is IF I’m in trouble….Thank you!”

I did this so that the well-meaning CNA’s, Nurses and anyone else that comes in to talk, see, or take care of Momma knows to call her Anne.  Hopefully to relive some stress on her part.

I also searched out a book Momma had given to me a long time ago, titled “Aunt Diminity and the lantern” I would give you all the details of the book, but, I left it in the top drawer of Momma’s room.  Although, Momma owns all of the “Aunt Diminty” series and has read ALL of them. 

I made it to the Nursing Home after Momma had an EXCELLENT day in therapy.  The Farmer went through it with her and told me all about it.  I was so proud!  Momma stood up and took a step today.  That my friends is PROGRESS! 

I knew she was tired but she kinda perked up while I was there.  I implemented phase 2 of my plan and made her speak to me.  She didn’t want to at first, but then the Farmer got into it with me and we made her talk a little.

I read the first 2 chapters of the book to her (that was after I told her if she wanted me to read she had to say yes.)  2 chapters later, and I stopped reading and told Momma we would continue tomorrow.  When I asked her if she enjoyed it, she said “YES”.

The Farmer and I had to go to a meeting at the Home called a Well-Care Meeting.  He and I toddled off down the hall after telling Momma we would be back and that we loved her, to which she replied I Love you too.  We got down to the meeting place and had to wait a couple of minutes.

The meeting was with a Co-ordinator at the Nursing home and he came out in the hall where we were and asked if it was ok if they put Momma back in bed.  We both said yes, and while the Farmer stayed there I went toddling off down the hall to Momma’s room again. 

I got there and she perked up, apparently she had slumped in her wheelchair and was taking a “Goldie” nap.  I told her they were coming in to put her back into bed and was that okay?  She replied with she was tired, and could she please take a nap?   Well, yes, they will be in here to put you to bed in a sec, and I have to toddle on down the hall again for your meeting ok?  Yes, she replied.

Back on down the hall I went to have the meeting, but I was stopped in the hallway by a couple of residents who have seen me here and there.  I chatted to both of them for a few minutes, and I made them both smile (THAT’s always a good feeling to give another person a moment to smile).

I got to the meeting with Co-ordinator dude, and the physical therapist.  Dad and I were ready, I had a million questions, but I let them speak their piece first.   First, your Momma is making progress, but it is going to take time (DUH, we KNOW that).  They were impressed with her progress and the fact that this meeting was really just a formality, because either the Farmer or I have been to ALL of her sessions  (Apparently A LOT of people stick their loved one’s in a REHAB facility and then don’t show up again until they need to, I don’t understand this concept). 

We gave her(physical therapist) a little bit better insight as to who Momma is and noticing her “signs”  Happy face, sad face, mad face.  I am starting to understand the whole thing a little bit better.    Up to this point, I’ve been frustrated.  But I have to REALLY give PROPS to these people.  They Care.

I sometimes take for granted that I KNOW what Momma is thinking or for that matter feeling.  The Farmer and I KNOW Momma, inside and out, we know the “signs”, we know the facial expressions, we know…well you get the picture.  These GREAT caregiver people, do not.  The Therapist told both of us that all of these things we are “teaching”her helps her to give Momma what she needs.  The fact that Momma has a “short” attention span, the fact that Momma is a “nosey Parker”, the fact that Momma is a “chatty Cathy”.  These things help her.

She was also impressed that we do take the time to make sure one of us is there for her therapy sessions.  It help’s Momma to know we are there to cheer her on, to help, and plus like I told the therapist, I am learning a butt-load to HELP us all in the future.  When the day comes that she does get to come home.

Today, has been a really good day with Momma, and also with the Root-canal Electrician too.    Folks he survived too, and so far hasn’t felt to much pain (thanks to the anti-biotic and the 2 Tylenol I shoved down his throat the minute we got home).  He actually ate dinner too.

Uhm…to the Farmer…HEHEHEHE…guess who had FRIED CHICKEN from LEE’s tonite buddy?????? 

Love y’all….





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