Six Minutes……

Six Minutes….what can you do in six minutes?  I take for granted what I can do in six minutes.  For me…Watching Momma stand for six minutes this afternoon in therapy was…well…I could feel her strength, I could feel her determination, and I could feel her pain.  At the end of the six-minute mark, she sat down and breathed a little heavy.  It wore her out, but she did it.  And you know what else she did after that six minutes?  Folks, she blew me kisses.    I was blown away.  But I am WAY ahead of myself, for this was my afternoon with Momma.

 I had a whole morning with the Farmer and the “girls”.  These two had a visit with the Vet this morning….well. ..We thought the appointment was this morning.  But with everything going on the Farmer might have written down the wrong date.  So, we showed up this morning at the vet with these 2.    I brought Ms. Baby’s carrier over to the house and the Farmer took Spice girl, the tabby, and I took Goldie (name kinda speaks for her), and we shoved their butts into the carriers and off down the road we went.

We got to the Vet’s office and apparently the appointment was for tomorrow but since we were already there, they worked us in.  It was the “girls” annual appointment.  The Farmer uses a different Vet than I do so, this was a new experience for me.  Spice-girl had to have a physical and a rabies shot.  This little girl does NOT meow, well, she does, just not very much, and not very loud.  This little girl got into her carrier and never made a sound from start to finish, as long as the Farmer was there, she was happy.  She did well and weighed in at 10.4 lbs.  (She knows she is the Farmer’s FAVORITE daughter…..).

This one, well…..she’s Momma’s cat “Goldie”..psstt….she is my favorite too.  Goldie loves Momma and tries to calm Momma down when she is in the grips of Parkinson’s.  This cat has “attitude” if you don’t believe me then just listen.  We got to the Vet’s office after this one howled the whole way there.  I think the only reason she was quiet while we were in the Vet’s office was because we had both carriers facing each other and she saw her sister.    When it was her “turn” to come out, she did good untill…….well the Vet took her temperature, through her rump.  Goldie wasn’t to happy about that, but when the thermometer came out and the Vet tried to insert the rod where she collected her feces to examine for worms and stuff, uhm…Goldie wasn’t having any of that.  The Vet looked perplexed, and said “I don’t believe this”…uhmm ok what?  Goldie hid  her bum from the Vet, literally.    It took the Vet about 3 minutes to “re-find” Goldies bum.  Well…seriously folks, would you  like  something shoved up your rump?  Uhmm…me HELL NO!!!!!!  Needless to say, Her checkup was fine although, she’s a little on the heavy side at 12.4 lbs.  (Yeah, she likes bacon, but I wasn’t going to tell the Vet…THAT…)   This lil’ girl howled all the way home too. 

We got home and dumped both of the girls out of their carriers, and proceeded to give them a couple of treats each.  Then the Farmer went to the Nursing Home and I went to run some errands.

Errands done, (SCORE….killer pair of shoes from my Gal Tammy @ Payless, for the cruise).

I went back to the Nursing home where they had just got Momma up, she was running a temp…AGAIN…and they gave her some Tylenol (which did the trick), and then she was off to therapy.

Although before we went to therapy, I told Momma about Goldie, and man I wish you could have seen her giggle AND smile BIG.  The Farmer and I were both a little surprised, because she flat-out giggled AND smiled.  Momma Loves Goldie (I see why), and Goldie Loves Momma.

Momma looked good today, although when I first got there she was hot, but her fever calmed down and she did so good during therapy.  Momma is full of determination, and I see that, although she got scared at certain parts, she PREVAILED and CONQUERED the day.

When therapy was over we went back to her room and the Farmer took off, after hugs and kisses and praise.  Momma looked sad to see him go, but she perked up a bit when I told her I would read to her from “Aunt Diminity and the Latern”.  I started reading chapter 2, when I noticed that Momma’s room-mate Mrs. Spires was listening too.  So, I stopped and asked Mrs. Spires if she was enjoying the book, and she nodded yes, so I told her to swing around the bed and listen to the story.

I had a captive audience of Momma and Mrs. Spries…we read 4 chapters of the book, when I looked up and saw what time it was, I had to fly, so I made it to the end of the chapter, and told both of them we would read the rest tomorrow, I don’t know who was sadder, Momma or Mrs. Spires. 

I gave Momma a hug and a kiss, right before they put Momma to bed, and then I told both of them that I would be back to read some more.  I hugged and kissed Momma, and I told her I Loved her, and she told me….

“Thank you Joanne, I do love you and thank you”..AWWWWW…”Momma, I Love and Thank you…for all of your hard work in therapy and just for trying”…and folk’s Momma told me  “I want to come home”….What can you say to that?  I said the first thing that popped into my head.

“Momma, sometimes in this life we have to go through a little discomfort to get to the everlasting good, and you being home is the everlasting good, so please keep working as hard as you do and don’t think that the Farmer and I don’t know how hard you are working, because we do, and we are with you every step of the way. ”  She gets it because she kissed me and held me close.  I told her Night Momma, and she told me…….I Love you Joanne…..


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  1. Such a struggle, but you’re getting there. Good for you!

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