Hey y’all,   just wanted to give a “Momma” update, Momma has a touch of pneumonia.  While for a Parkinson’s patient this can be fatal.  It is not so in this case.  We caught it in time, and Momma is antibiotics.

I will say though, she has been making REMARKABLE leaps and bounds in her recovery.  She has taken a couple of steps, and the horrible “Hoyer” lift (of which Momma had a SERIOUS fear of)  has been retired for a new standing/sitting device.  She hasn’t been loafing in bed all day either, she’s been up sitting in her wheelchair, and chatting a lot more.

When I left her this evening she was gazing lovingly at “Goldie’s” picture.  Momma misses that little kitty something fierce.

Yesterday, I had the pleasure to spend some time with Cam-Man, and he and I went to visit Momma.  Momma was having therapy at the time, and Cam-Man walked in like he owned the joint.  (Remember HIS Momma works there so, I guess he knows the lay of the land so to speak, because he visits Residents on regular occasions.)

Cam-Man decided since he hadn’t seen the Farmer for a while, he would pay his respects, and climbed up on Great-Grampa’s lap and proceeded to have a short conversation.  Then in normal Cam-Man fashion he climbed down and went and said “HI” to Great Gramma, and then started collecting all of the balls in the therapy room into his arms and wanted to play with anyone that would play with him.  The therapy girls blew up a balloon for Cam, and he played with it with Momma.  They batted it back and forth for a while, and then…someone turned into Mr. Crankypants, so he and I left.

Back on the home front, Mr. Cam took a 2 1/2 hour nap, and woke up when the Electrician came home.  The Electrician knew he would be here so, he made a pit-stop and bought the lil dude a treat.

An Orange Crush soda.  We all 3 shared it but Cam-Man loves that stuff.  We told the Nursing Student when she came to pick him up.  Hey we are Grandparents and are ALLOWED to do that kind of stuff.  Just because we did not feed it to OUR kids when they were little….well….hehehe….

If you’ve been reading my posts, then you’ll know that over the New Year, the Electrician had a tooth infection and did not get to have the feast that I was going to make.  But after his infection has disappeared and his Root canal is all but finished, we decided to have our dinner tonite.

This would be it…New York Strip Steak, Maine Lobster tail, twice baked potato, and a small salad.  Yes, folks, I am stuffed….(burp)…..I’ve had my shower, I’m in my p.j.’s, and the Saints are playing the Lion’s  on t.v.     So to all of you,  always count your Blessings, and make a stranger smile.

I say make a stranger smile because I am making all kinds of older folks that are in the Nursing Home smile, people I don’t know, but I always stop to talk to someone.  I met a lady on my way out this evening, her name is Mrs. Michner.  She stopped me in the hallway and asked me “Where are you going?”  I have seen her in the hallway before,  I told her “I’m on my way home, I just got done visiting with my Momma”  “Oh,  I’m waiting for someone to visit me”  “Who is coming to visit you?”  I asked….”I don’t know but someone is”  so I told her this…”Well Mrs. Michner it is a pleasure to meet you, and I would love to be your visitor today, can we chat?”  I talked to her for about 15 minutes, and then told her I really did need to scoot down the road, she smiled and took my hand and said “Will you visit with me again?”  and I told her .”I’m usually here at least once, sometimes twice  everyday, and I will stop in and check on you ok?”  Her face lit up like a Christmas tree and she took my hand and said “Thank you”.

I don’t know about you, but I can take 15-20 minutes out of my day to make someone else’s.  Partly to make their day, and also because it gives me a warm fuzzy that I made someone else smile.



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