Antibiotics, steroids, and sleep….

Yesterday, my left side of my face was so swollen, you thought I had been in a fight.  I was, Me versus the Sinus infection.  Who knew your sinus’ could affect your face swelling and your eye looking like you’d been smacked into next year.

Oh the power of Antibiotics, and some steroids thrown in.  Today, my face is just about back to its normal self (thank goodness).  And my nose has released some of the most awful $hit, I’ve ever seen.  (for those faint of heart, sorry, but snot makes me gag too).

After having the Electrician take care of me all day and yesterday too, I decided I needed some good old-fashioned chicken and dumplings (his Mother’s recipe), to help in my recovery.  So after sleeping in (yup, about 9:00am) and getting up and watching “The Pioneer Woman‘s   newest episode on “The Food Network“,  I sat for a bit and woke up, ate a bowl of cereal and took my meds.

Whammo, I grabbed that chicken from the fridge and proceeded to boil it with some carrots, celery, onions, and garlic, rosemary and thyme, oh yea salt and pepper too.  Then with my fingers that don’t have any feeling in them cuz’ well I’ve probably by this time in my life burned any finger prints I might have off, shredded all that chicken and made a pot of Chicken and dumplings to die for. (His Momma would be proud). 

I did scrub and slice the potatoes and set them to boiling too, however in MY house, I don’t make the mashed potatoes, that would be the Electrician’s job, and man does he make mashed potatoes to die for.  He won’t tell his secret, I don’t ask, all’s I do is get them ready for him to work his magic.  Set up the hand mixer and then LEAVE the kitchen so, I don’t get in his way.

We ate, sorry kid’s I forgot to take a picture, I was to busy eating.  We got the dishes done, and then, yup, NAPTIME.  The Electrician laid down and so did I…unfortunatly for me, the Farmer called in the middle of me snoring myself silly, to give me progress on Momma.

Momma had a so-so day, she made some progress but was also tired (I can relate to that).  I told him I would call him back later, and I did.  (more on that in a bit).

I went back to sleep for a couple of more hours, and woke up to the Electrician getting ready to watch his beloved “Saint’s” play the San Fran 49’rs.  (Not a good outcome but the Saint’s had a REALLY good season).  Needless to say things around my house were a little disappointing this evening.  But The Electrician is fine, and now finding other sports on t.v. to watch tonite.

I called the Farmer back, and we had a nice little chat.  I told him about my progress and that I would be in to see Momma tomorrow about noon., I’m not in a “you can catch this from me stage anymore”

The Farmer took a little glee in telling me about the”ship incident” in Italy, of course I had to tell him that the Electrician had already seen it, and had already read about it, and had already told me about it.  (sorry, I know that is a run-on sentence but…well.. these things happen). 

Like I told the Electrician, AND the Farmer, I don’t care….if God‘s gonna take me then if he wants to take me from my cruise so be it…MY ASS IS going!!!!!  I’ve already put clothes that I am taking in a closet in one of our spare bedroom’s…uhm…note to self…check to see if the 2 pantsuits that I have put in said closet still fit my fat butt….

So, needless to say that Camsgranny is on the road to recovery, hopped up on Antibiotics and steroids, WOOHOO…

Night ya’ll….although, I’m really glad to see my face in the mirror and not the one who had half her face so swollen that I didn’t even recognize her….


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  1. Wishing you a speedy recovery 🙂 Sinus infections are NOT fun!

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