Counting Down….

Well…here it is Sunday evening, and the countdown has begun.  Yup, it is exactly 7 days from me being on a Cruise Ship and sipping a glass of wine, looking out at the Ocean and preparing to make some memories.

But I am getting in front of myself, so let me back up to this morning.  I have a lot of things that need to be done in a short amount of time.  (yea, I may have procrastinated a little)   I flew over to the Farmer’s house this morning, because I wanted to cook him breakfast and spend some time with just him.  The Electrician was lifting weights and had some other stuff to do and he didn’t mind, cuz he had already planned to have a bowl of cereal.

I got to the Farmer’s and we had breakfast, and then I folded Momma‘s clothes.  We have decided that WE will wash her clothes versus the Nursing Home, because some of her clothes went missing and one day Momma was wearing someone else’s clothes.  (this is not a slam against the N.H. this is just the truth)

The Farmer and I have also been working on Momma’s room.  The Farmer fixed her bed frame so it would not be so high up and closer to the floor. That will make it easier for her to get in and out of it.  Although mind you, Momma will still be railed, because we have the bed-rails to go all around it.  

I shampooed her bedroom carpet today and well, although it looks better, I’m gonna have to do it one more time.  We put the “spot-bot” on a couple of spots, and it worked a little but I wanna get it cleaned.

I’ve already dusted and cleaned other stuff in her room and my goal is by Wednesday I will have that room ready for her to come home to.  I know she won’t be coming home for a couple of more weeks, but I want it done, just in case she get’s to come home before I get back from the cruise.

I also was a diva in the kitchen and made 7 tuna noodle casserole thingy’s for the Farmer’s freezer.  He likes those and he was out, so I replenished his freezer and he’s happy.

I left the Farmer’s and headed for the Nursing Home for some Momma time.  She was awake and in fine form when I got there, we chatted while I hung up her clothes.  We talked about a lot of stuff and it was fun.  We laughed and giggled.  She told me about the adventures she had been on since I had last seen her.  Apparently her t.v. was on the Travel channel, and she told me she had been to Australia and also to the Netherlands, with a quick trip to London in between.

The Farmer arrived and I hung out for a few before I left to give them their alone time.  They are so cute together.  And I can’t explain how much Momma lights up when he walks in the room.

I took my happy butt home, and made dinner of steak, french fries (which the Electrician already had cut and soaking in cold water…gosh I love him), and some cauliflower with cheese sauce.

We have both packed our suitcases, and I have a list of last-minute things to go into the suitcase, and a list of the buttload of things I need to get done by Thursday.

But for now, I’m going to bed, hoping I get everything done, dreaming about sitting on the balcony with the Electrician, watching the Ocean sail by and sipping a glass of wine…..Sweet dreams my friends….


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