Momma’s got some ‘tude….

In case you can’t tell from the title, Momma had a “little” attitude today.  I guess it’s to be expected.  She’s been pushed, prodded, and poked, and made to stand up and go through “torture” to get her to feeling better.

Well…today momma let her temper show. Momma is normally a very soft spoken English lady, however, if she get’s her dander up, then well…all hell’s gonna break loose. 

I got to the Nursing Home early this morning, and said my “hello’s”, Momma seemed fine, but then a couple of things happened, and Momma was muttering underneath her breath.

We got to the Therapy room and it was packed again.  Everyone is starting to recognize everyone so, Hello’s were said all around.  Might I add that Momma has her own cheering section of other resident’s who celebrate her triumphs just as much as we do.

Momma was sitting there getting ready for her therapy, when the Therapist brought out the “Magic Box”. Momma just kind of looked at it.  Momma got up to stand and something in her just snapped and she got a little huffy.  She started to get that face on her that I recognize as “Uh Oh, she’s about to sound off”.  Well, she did “sound off” and the Therapy ladies told her “they were not torturing her”, then momma stated “I was not spoilt as a child”, and I jumped in and told her “No, Momma, you were not spoilt as a child, but Dad & I have spoilt you since you came into our lives, and right now you ARE acting like a spoilt child, and you really need to focus now”.

Well….uhm… a few more word’s were exchanged, and then Momma decided to sulk. But then it was as if Daylight started shining on Momma, because the Farmer walked into the Therapy room, and Momma stopped sulking, and SMILED!

The Farmer and I stepped out of the room and I told him what had happened and that Momma was now mad at me, but that she would get over it.  I had to leave and I asked Momma for a kiss, but well…she was still a little miffed at me.

I came back to the Nursing Home later in the afternoon, and Momma was in bed with the Farmer with her, and I walked in and told her….”Are you still mad at me?”  She told me “I Love you Joanne and Thank you”, then she grabbed my hand and kissed it. 

The Farmer made his exit, and I sat down and Momma and I talked, she told me she was a little miffed that I was leaving to go on a cruise, but that she understood.  She also told me what she wanted me to bring her back, and It is duly noted and I will return with said items

Momma and I had a “heart-to-heart”,  this afternoon, we made some progress.  I told her that I never meant to hurt her feelings in any way shape or form, and I understand that she feels her body is not co-operating as fast as she wants it to.  She understands and is frustrated.  I understand that, but like I told her,  “Momma, let’s do it One Day at a Time“.

Momma also had a little visitor this afternoon, and I think it did her the world of good. Momma had just drifted into sleep when a lil dude came a callin.  He walked up to her bed and grabbed her hand, and started chatting.  Momma opened up her eyes and looked at Cam-Man, and smiled, and started talking back to him.    They chatted for a few minutes, and Cam-Man climbed into my lap, holding Momma’s hand the whole time.  We sat there, us 3 for about 15 minutes. 

Cam-Man got restless, so Momma told me to take him for a ride on her walker, which I did.  I think Cam-Man enjoyed the attention that he got from EVERYONE, stating that no-one had ever thought of a walker as a ride for a toddler.  Uhm, hello, this wasn’t our first Rodeo, if anyone looks at Momma’s walker, well…there are teeth marks on the middle rod.  Cam-Man and I walked the halls a few times, and then went back in cuz, it was time for us to take a ride.

Momma was sleeping with her hand laying outside of the bed, and Cam-Man grabbed it and squeezed.  Momma woke up again and they talked for a few minutes, I had sat down in the chair next to her bed, and Cam climbed up onto my lap and leaned over Momma’s bed rails so he was all up in her face, when he said (Ok, I’m a little jealous)  “I WUB YOU”, and Momma opened her eyes, smiled and said “I Love You too”, then they gave each other a kiss and Cam was ready to go.

I kissed Momma and told her I would see her in the morning, when she opened her eyes and said “I truly Love you Joanne and Thank you for being my daughter”.    What can you answer to that one, I left her sleeping soundly hugging Mr. Bear. 



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