Travels, and fun.

Well kids, here we go…the last 2 days have been spent in a hotel room, boarding 2 planes and arriving on the Gulf Coast.  It’s such a hard life leaving 21′ degree weather, ugg boots, snow and so forth to arrive in 72′ sunny and flip-flop weather.  The sacrifice has been made and we are here.(hehehe..sorry kids, couldn’t resist.)

Our journey started out by driving the many miles to Indianapolis.  Boy, that town has some SERIOUS Super-Bowl fever.  It is everywhere.  We checked into our Hotel (it was VERY nice), and then relaxed for a few before we toddled on down the road to a place called Grindstone Charlie’s WOW.  I had a Strip Steak marinated in Jack Daniels that melted like butter in your mouth.

Since I was in a food coma, needless to say, The Electrician and I went to bed early. 

The next morning the Electrician was all in a twitter about flying, he still doesn’t like the taking off and the landing part, but other than that he’s perfectly fine with it. (Insert eye roll here).

After flying, arriving, and  wandering around the Atlanta airport for about an hour and then finding our next gate by way of escalators, and the underground train.  We were off on our next plane to finally arrive at our destination.

My outlaws were waiting for us, and hugs were given all around.  We got our baggage and then headed down the road to one of the first things on MY list.  Yup,  Popeye’s Chicken.  The Electrician and I ordered a snack pack and both responded in unison that we wanted SPICY. 

The evening was spent relaxing and then today was spent just wandering around.  We haven’t unpacked yet, because tomorrow starts the next phase of our journey.

I won’t give it away but let’s just say…..We’ve done the Plane’s,  Train’s and automobile, parts, so….if you don’t hear from me for a bit…Don’t send out a search party, but I am going to accomplish quite a few things on My Bucket list…..

I’ll be back in about a week or so, cuz kid’s….I’m going Cruisin…..



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