From the Heart, Valentine’s day and my thoughts.

Okie dokie folks, tomorrow is Valentine’s day.  Some people “hate” the day, other’s make marriage proposals, and other’s treat their special someone to something special.

I haven’t always celebrated Valentine’s day, because to me I always wondered why one day was singled out to celebrate something that should happen every day in our lives.

In my former life, I wasn’t treated the best, and I dealt with a lot of stuff, that I guess made me into who I am today.   I won’t elaborate because the Farmer reads my blog and he doesn’t know about a lot of the stuff I dealt with.  It’s ok.  I survived.

What I did find was the love of my life.  I just wish I had found him about 30 years earlier.  But, I’m not complaining.  It has just made me realize what I have now, I would not give up for anything.

You see to me…Valentine’s day, should be celebrated EVERY day of our lives.  When we find that one person who completes us, and makes us feel cherished, loved, and spoiled.  Then well..your on the right track. 

I found that, after trying 2 different times, you see this is my third marriage, and I’ve finally got it right.  The partner makes a world of difference.  Someone who thinks like you do, someone who Loves you and makes you feel like a queen, who values the same things that you do and has the same views as you do.

Someone who I can see myself getting old and sitting on the porch with.  That’s what this man does for me.

This man knows me better than I know myself sometimes, he takes care of me and he watched over me.  He knows my moods, he makes me laugh and he knows whats important to me.

The funniest thing about us, is our lives have crossed many a time, we were both in the same place but fate or God decided it wasn’t the right time for us.  When we both finally met, we were both sorta broken.  The cool thing was we both healed each other. 

So, while everyone else Celebrates Valentine’s day…I live mine 365 days a year, and to MY Electrician, I love you with All of my heart and soul, I thank you for rescuing me and healing me at the same time.

Also, thank you for fixing my dryer, and loving me everyday, for putting up with all of my sh##, and hugging me and kissing me whenever I ask or just doing it cuz……


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