Sunrise and Sunset..a few of my fav’s..

This photo was taken a long time ago when the Electrician and I were on one of our Vacations.   I look at this photo and I get warm fuzzie’s inside. 

I have always LOVED sunrises and sunsets, from a very early age.  Sunrises, because it’s the promise of a new day, and Sunset’s because it’s time to reflect upon your day and take the Blessings and leave behind the bad.

Here are a couple of new one’s that we have added to our collection:

This was a beautiful sunset, The Electrician and I were sitting on the balcony and just enjoying the view, listening to the waves hit the ship.  Very relaxing.

There was something about being on the ship that was very relaxing, in a way that living in the house and day-to-day living isn’t.  I guess, because it was a vacation in every sense of the word.  No responsibilities, and doing whatever we wanted with no obligations.  Just enjoying each other’s company.

This next one rates as my favorite, I’ll explain why in a minute…

To me looking at this picture, I see the Heaven’s above shining down on us below, The sun had just gone behind the clouds and was getting ready to go to sleep for the night, and I could imagine in my head all of my Loved one’s up in Heaven telling me goodnight.

I enjoy these sights and enjoy getting up early to see the Sunrise, and enjoy reflecting on the Sunset, letting go of the bad parts of a day and looking forward to a new one.


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  1. What a lovely post. I love sunrises and sunsets too. My lazy husband won’t get out of bed for a sunrise unless he has a plane to catch- doesn’t know what he’s missing!

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