Vegas baby, and memories….

Well, I have started this post oh about 5 times, and I have a lot on my mind, and I’m not sure what I want to post and what I don’t want to post.

So, I am going to talk about something from the past, it centers around a picture.

This would be me and the Electrician a couple (cough) of years ago.  We went to Vegas, with another couple for 3  nights and 4 days.  Neither one of us had been to Las Vegas before.  What an experience.  We hit it hard, and believe me when I say “What happen’s in Vegas, stay’s in Vegas”.

We probably were not your typical “tourist’s” tho, we didn’t just spend time in the Casino‘s.  We actually walked the strip, and the highlight for me was when  we visited M & M’s World.  (I seriously collected EVERYTHING M & M’s (the candy) for years).  It was 5 floors of nothing but M & M’s things.    The wonderful Electrician even sat through the 3-d movie in the theater with me and I was laughing the whole time.

We did good though, we spent 2 nights at the Harrah’s Hotel and the last night we spent in the Luxor.  Now folks, Harrah’s was nice, but the Luxor was fantastic.  Except, the one wall was all glass and I am afraid of heights.  We were on the umpteenth floor and I would not walk near the window. 

The Electrician and I did really good considering.  On our second day there, the four of us were gambling, when our friend Kim said I’m gonna hit…and BAM, she hit the machine for about $300, then her husband said, I’m gonna hit…he hit for about $250, then I didn’t say anything at all but my machine went all bells and whistles and BAM $650, later, when the Electrician said he felt left out and BAM his machine went off for  $500.   Folks we were all sitting side by side when all this happened, in fact when they came to pay off Kim and her hubs, then my machine went off she stated “I mise well stay around because all of you are hitting”.  We all cashed in and LEFT the building.

We went to all of those favorite places, the Hard Rock Cafe, and the Excalibur, MGM, and all of the “HOT” spots.  We ate at some really cool places too.

This is just one of the really cool places that the Electrician has taken me for “getaways”.  While I had Europe at my fingertips growing up, I seem to be enjoying these vacations in my “golden” years even more.

Memories kids, cherish them while your making them, because you can re-visit them at any time and enjoy them just as much as when you lived them.

Although, while revisiting them, I don’t have to re-live not having but only 3 hours of sleep every day, because, NOBODY sleeps in Vegas baby.  But that was a “few” years ago and I could do it then.


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