Whew! RELIEF…well sorta…

Ok kids, I did as I posted last night and this morning found the Electrician going to pick up Cam-Man, and I took my unhappy butt to the Walk-in clinic.  I told the Electrician last night that I was going to be there first thing in the morning, and I KNEW they opened at 7:30.

Uhm…ok, so call me an idiot, but the Clinic didn’t open until 8 am and EVERYONE in town was there.  We had a family of 4 that wanted to be seen for the coughing thing going around, then there was the guy who couldn’t breathe, and then the poor old guy who almost threw-up all over everyone. Not to mention the poor woman who just looked like she didn’t feel good, and then there was me. 

It wasn’t so bad, except you have to go up to the reception lady and give her all of your information with your Insurance card and explain why you want to be seen.  Ok, so first off I don’t know what I have (duh, that’s why I’m there) and the only thing I mumbled was “I have a rash”.  “What kind of rash” the receptionist asked me in a rather LOUD voice.  I replied “I don’t know and that’s why I am here OK?”.

I truly try to be polite, however, anyone that knows me, knows there are somethings I get a little irate about, and I’m sorry but after some of the things the Nursing   Student told me last night on the phone, I really don’t want to BROADCAST to a room full of people what I have ok?  She get’s my co-pay and then tells me a nurse will be right with me, so have a seat.

I’m sitting there scared outta my mind, because I really don’t know what I have, and WEB MD, scared the $hit out of me, (that AND the Nursing Student).  The Nurse calls my name and I go into the examination room, she weighs me (whew….I am still the same ole 112lbs, so I lost all the weight I gained on the cruise) then she asks me how tall I am, Uhm.. 4’11” (yea, I never made 5 ft.), Then she asks what the problem was.  So, I told her, I have a rash, I noticed it yesterday.  She asked where I had it and I told her, and showed her a couple of the spots, I told her I had been in foreign countries about 3 weeks ago, too. 

She leaves and I start getting worried, how come the fear of the unknown gets you terrified, and all of the worst possible scenarios come to you? The Doctor walks in and asks me what’s going on…Ok, I’m a little tired of this question, but I have respect for Doctors, so I explained to him the problem, where it was and “Ok Doc what the hell is it?”  He examined me and could see the worry in my eyes, and promptly advised me, “No, Joanne it is NOT Scabies”,  WHEW…I felt the tension leave my body and breathed a HUGE sigh of relief.

Ok, now that I could breathe normally now…It was a case of dry skin, AND the fact that I had changed my soap, if it is not gone after 10 days I have to go back, but folks, some of it is already gone, and all’s I can say is WHEW.  Because our winter has been so crazy lately, and I should have realized it because my sinus’ have been all backwards this winter, my skin was surely to follow.

I have lotioned and re-lotioned all this dry skin and guess what?  I’m feeling tons better, because I was in tears last night thinking the worst.  Although, I did get some insight from the Receptionist, she advised me that a lot of people have been in lately for “rashes“, because of the weird winter we are having, a lot of stuff is hitting people different.

So, now that you have just read “Dr. Joanne’s Medical post”…  I am fine, and defiantly saying “WHEW” on that one.  Although the Electrician and the Fisher-dude still state I am full of “gungus-fungus alamungus”, but ya know what…it’s ok, let’em think what they want, I KNOW, I’m ok!!!!




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