Monday, Monday, oh how….

Ok finish that sentence how you want.  For me, my Monday was business as normal.  What does that mean?  Well, it means getting back up at o’dark thirty and picking up Cam-Man and coming back to my house and feeding the lil dude some breakfast and then play time

Today was a little different though, because my sidekick (The Electrician) wasn’t up to “playtime”.  He did hang out pretty good though.  He tried, and for that I give him credit.  He tried to play with Lil Mr. Energy, but he just plain ole doesn’t feel good.

Mr. Cam-Man and I did have a good time today, the goal was to keep him awake until his Momma came to get him, I think it was because she wanted to have nap-time with him.  I did have to laugh, the full belly laugh, and even the Electrician belly laughed too.  You see, we have routine in our house, and Cam-Man knows this, so when his appropriate nap-time came and went, he got a little flustered. 

Now folks, this lil kid is smart and KNOWS when he needs to take a nap.  The reason I say this is, because he went into his room and figured out how to climb INTO his crib so he could take a nap.  unfortunately for him, I yanked his butt back out and kept him going.  When his Momma arrived he was VERY happy to see her and after he got his coat and hat on and he was walking out of our house, after giving the Electrician and I a kiss, he screamed “I WUB YOU” all the way to the car, blowing us kisses and stuff.  I told him, see you tomorrow and he just blew kisses, it was too cute.

After Cam-Man left, the Electrician vacuumed upstairs and downstairs and then took a nap, and I went to the Nursing Home (first time in a couple of days) to see how Momma was doing.  I took back the laundry I had taken and washed.  I got to the home, and well…Momma did not have a good day.  I was a little disappointed, especially because usually Momma perks up when I am there.  Today, not so much.

Today, she kinda looked at me all Parkinson’s and I knew the meds were not working.  I sat and chatted with the Farmer, and we had a good time together.  I understand there are gonna be good days and bad days.  I guess today was a bad day.  BUT I am of positive thinking and tomorrow will be a better day.

On a different note, I would like to say thank you to some friends that I have met through my blog.  You see, I KNEW I wasn’t the only person dealing with a family member who has Parkinson’s but I guess I never believed it until I’ve met some of the folks, I’ve met., and I read her blog everyday, we share something in common.  Do me a favor and go over and read her blog.  To the Farmer, you guys have a lot in common in some aspects.

So to finish my first statement Monday, Monday, Oh are…Tomorrow is Tuesday, and ok I suck at rhyming. so y’all fill in the blank ok?


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