Full Moon….

Have you ever noticed when it is a full moon, things get a little crazy?  Tonite it’s a full moon, and things have been kinda crazy around here.

I wish I could have taken a picture tonite, but unfortunately my camera doesn’t take the type of pictures that the Farmer’s camera does.  But the moon does kinda look like this tonite.

We are all excited because Momma is coming home a week from tomorrow.  We have a lot of things in place, and a lot to get done in the next week.  Hey, we’re up for it, and with everyone pitching in, it’s gonna get done.

Today was spent primarily getting the Electrician out of the house for the day.  He is not liking being laid off, and is getting bored.  So, Camsgranny and Cam-Man made him run around town today, getting stuff done that we usually do on Saturdays.

We visited Menard’s, then Wal-Mart, then Lowe’s and also Big R.  What I have failed to mention is that Illinois Basketball was on today, so we deprived the Electrician of watching the game.  It is March and “March Madness” is about to hit my house BIG TIME.  (p.s.  Illini lost)

We did all of our errands.  The biggest one was finding a new piece of either plexi-glass or glass to fit into the picture frame that Camsgranny got for Christmas.

You see the kid’s gave me a rather large picture frame about family, and when I put all the pictures into the frame and then went to put it back together, BAM, I broke the glass.  I cried all kinds of tears, felt stupid, and when the phone rang in the middle of it, (It was the Nursing student) I was crying on the phone that I had broken the glass.  Then the Electrician called on the phone and I was STILL crying. ( Might I just add here that I am TERRIBLE with glass, simply for the fact the last time I tried to frame something I ended up cutting all 10 fingers on “stupid”glass).

So…to make a long story short, I find it unbelievable that plexiglass is about uhm..$47.00 to frame the picture while REAL glass turned out to be $7.00.  Guess who went with REAL glass.  Uhm…guess who put the frame together?  Uhm…you got it, the Electrician.  He never even got a nick.

After all our adventures, we dropped Cam-Man off and then I went to the Nursing home to visit with Momma.  She was cruising the hallways, with the Farmer following her and the therapy lady.  I met them in the hallway and joined the parade.  Momma and I had a long talk about her coming home, and she is excited.  She can’t wait to see her kitty’s, and be in her home again.  It’s been awhile.

I spent the evening laughing a lot with some of the Electrician’s friends and our nightly Name that Tune posts on facebook.  I also howled at the moon for a bit too.  It felt good.





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