Kids, Grankids, and birthdays….

Today was a day in my household.  It was jammed pack and full of adventure.  I guess when you’re a Grandparent, and you have a VERY large house, your kids naturally want to have their kid’s birthday parties at YOUR house.

Today was Granbaby Brayden’s 3rd Birthday.  We got a call about a month ago that the kids wanted to have the party here.  Here is the little birthday boy who arrived at our house just full of smiles.

It was a pizza and cake party.  There were several family members present (ok, who am I kidding, it was all family).  We really did have a good time. 

When Brayden was asked what he wanted for his birthday, the only thing he told EVERYBODY, was he wanted a “piece of underwear”.  Ok, I am old but could someone please explain to me what a piece of underwear is?

We all sat around and ate pizza (YUM, it was good too, and the Electrician and I ate so much we ended up eating nachos for dinner)

Then it was time for Bray to open his presents, and man, was that lil kid excited.  His brother Cam-Man wanted to help too.  I’m not so sure though if he wanted to help or just check out the new loot. 

  Cam-Man scoped it out though….Although, when Brayden SCORED BIG time.  Cam-man just looked on.   Do you remember when you got your first wheels?  Getting a bike is a MAJOR event.  I can remember my first bike. (WOW that’s a lot of years ago)

This would be my house today, it got a little Rowdy….But the Electrician and I would not have it any other way.  Even if, I had to leave to go to the Nursing Home AND…..the Electrician pulled out the Vacume cleaner, cuz well….there were cake bits everywhere. However, the cake…uhm…that’s a story too…  BUT, with my daughters feeling’s in mind, I’m only going to say this…..The Electrician talked to the Fisher dude about Judge Judy….Love ya kid, and YOUR heart was in the right place….sorry peeps it is an inside joke…. I learned something with the other kid….To the College student….Love ya kiddo, hope you have fun in Florida and wish you could have been here.


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  1. Candida Abrahamson PhD | Reply

    Not only did I enjoy your post, I found your situation poignant and touching. We definitely are the sandwich generation. Just please make time to care for yourself while you do all this caring for others. Best, Candida

    1. I do take time for myself, but I find such joy with my family. And I love the phrase “Sandwich generation”. I learned from my family so, I guess it’s been passed down, and to I feel blessed by family. I’ve also found other people in my situation, and I get strength from them as well. Thanks! Candida

      1. Candida Abrahamson PhD

        Sounds like you are truly blessed. May you continue to find joy with and in those you love, Candida

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