Grandma B. and older people….

I was told when I was  about 23 that I gravitated to older people.  This was because I feel for older people.  I have a respect for people older than me.  Hey kids, they know a lot more, than I could ever dream of.   I’ve learned a lot about “real” history through their eyes) I used to hang out a lot with both set’s of Grandparent‘s.  I spent half of my summer’s with my step-momma’s grandparents, and the other half with my Daddy’s Momma.

Believe it or not, I learned so much from both set’s of Grandparents.    In San Diego, I learned about the Beach, and hard working people.  I had Uncle’s that took me under their wing. (who also kicked my butt when I needed it).

My Grandma Burwash tho, was the love of my life.  She had so much grace and a VERY hard backbone and also worked very hard, that to this day I like to believe that’s where I got my “motsy” from. (It’s where I got my love of homemade Chocolate chip cookies, and popcorn for Sunday night supper from). I spent a lot of time with her.  While the Farmer helped me, (and no offense to him in any way) Grandma B.  she taught me so much.   She was the one to tell me about certain things in life.  She was the one I talked to when I needed someone to talk to about stuff in life.  When I was in Basic Training for the Air Force I called her and begged to come home.  She told me straight up “Grow up my little one and do what is right”. (She lived to the ripe old age of 98).

She made me appreciate what was.  I could listen to her for hours about what HER life was.  I used to put me in place of her and really appreciate things I had.  So, in honor of her, I guess, I’ve ALWAYS listened to older people. 

 I was a waitress at one time, and I had an older gentleman who came in everyday, and I waited on him.  He always got the same thing everyday.  I spent extra time with him, because he was interesting to me.  His life, his thoughts and everything else.  One day, he didn’t come in and I got worried, he didn’t have family close by, and I considered myself family. I worried about that man for a week until one day, a middle-aged gentleman came into the restaurant and asked for me.  I went up to him and asked him, how could I help him.  He responded to me “Thank you”…ohmm..ok…Then he told me, he was my favorite old guys son,    Apparently my “old guy” had passed away, but he had told his son about me, and I had made a difference.  Apparently I had made his Dad’s day when I waited on him, served him his meal and sat and chatted with him.

I’m not sure where this is going, except for Momma’s room-mate, Momma has been there for  4 months, and I have been to see Momma everyday.  I have yet to see anyone visit her.  This makes me sad.

I understand  people get old and we cannot take care of them, but, excuse me….if we put them in a home can we not go visit them?   SERIOUSLY…I would not be here today if my parent’s had not given me life, for me to turn my back on them when they need me, HELLO… I cannot understand people who put their loved one’s in a Nursing home and then FORGETTABBOIT. 

When my kids were growing up, and it was Halloween, or even just a down Sunday, we would go to the Nursing home and visit people.  I didn’t have to know them, I would just start a conversation with them.  I can remember many a smile from an older person and a BIG thank you for just spending a few minutes with them.

I’m not judging anyone, I am merely expressing my opinion on a situation I really don’t like.  There are plenty of people in Nursing Homes, and sometimes, when they arrive there they don’t ever see any family members again, unless it’s Christmas or some sort of Holiday.   This truly bugs me.



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  1. So true. When I worked in nursing homes I was amazed by the lack of family visitors. Now that Husband is in this situation, I will not let this happen. He is home for the day today which is great although he is sleeping most of it away – oh well, at least he is home!

    1. I can relate to this one. But at least he is home. Enjoy that time.

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