Poppa and Cam-Man day..

I went and got Cam-Man at o’dark thirty this morning (today was our long day as the Nursing student has clinicals).  First off, I had to wake up lil’ dude and then change his pants and whisk him away in the Rav 4.  He was not a happy camper, the time change has messed with him too.  (It was still dark when I put him into the Rav4)   He yawned and rubbed his eyes all the way to my house.  When we got to my house the Electrician had just gotten up too, (and was rubbing his eyes a little , so they kinda looked at each other with half-open eyes).

Cam-Man was a little grumpy this morning, but got a little bit excited that Camsgranny made him some chocolate milk to go with his french toast.   The Sun came up and it was all sunshine outside, and this lil dude wanted to go outside after breakfast.  unfortunately we had to wait for the dew on the grass to dry, so we tried to keep him occupied. 

In a simple word….this lil dude was a pill this morning.  He threw a tantrum, and then got discouraged because the Electrician and I ignored him.  Then he decided to do something he knows he’s not supposed to do, and he got punished.  Finally when it got to be about 9:30 (uhm…am), the Electrician took him outside to put the outgoing mail in the mailbox, and bring the garbage cans back behind the house.  It was on then.

Cam-Man wanted to go for a walk, around the pond and look at the fish.  So the first picture is him yelling at me that  “Granny we’re going on a walk…bye!”

And away they went…at this point Cam-Man was happy to be with his “Poppa” walking along side him.  They discovered all kinds of things.  Frogs, they looked at the fish in the water, they even saw a turtle today.  They walked half way around the pond.  They enjoy the “together” time.  Cam-Man loves his Poppa, and Poppa loves his Cam-Man.

About 15-20 minutes later, this is how Poppa, and Ca-Man arrived back home.  I guess it is Poppa’s habit to give Cam-Man a “ride” the last few minutes home.    I just straight up started laughing at the fact that Cam-Man has his arms crossed, especially after The Electrician told me that Cam-Man had been sticking his fingers in the Electrician’s ears.

After a quick cup of  juice, all 3 of us loaded up into the Rav4 to run some errands.  This lil man was hysterical in the car.  He took off his shoes and put his feet on the back of my head and laughed. He was tired and showing it.  Our little “Linus”  grabbed his blamey and thumb in mouth looked out the window with a few words thrown in.  We started singing the “abc” song on the way home and he joined in.    When we got home, lil man had a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and some Cheetos, which he polished off, no problem.  Ate his homemade chocolate chip cookie (thanks Grandma B for teaching Camsgranny to ALWAYS have them in her house ), slugging back a cup of milk and off to nap time.

Camsgranny had to leave (that’s another post), and left Cam-man and the Electrician to an afternoon to themselves.    After I left (and this is straight from the Electrician), both of them laid down fo awhile.   unfortunately for the Electrician, he was woken up (oops), by Camsgranny advising a change of plans.  The electrician had this, and Camsgranny did what she had to do.

After Cam-Man woke up from his nap (uhm, the Electrician too),  They took another walk around the pond, and then came home and Cam-Man got some sherbert (that the Electrician gave him in his own bowl with his own spoon and Cam-Man fed himself) (without a mess I might add).

After that, they went outside again and Cam-Man went up to the Electrician’s truck and was banging on the door, he wanted in.  The Electrician opened the door and Cam-Man climbed in and was steering the steering wheel , grabbed the Electrician’s sunglasses and put them on.  Then he started driving (all the while making the varoom varoom sound) So, the Electrician asked Cam..”do you want to go to the park?”  Cam-Man walked to the house and pointed at his car-seat.  Well, the Electrician got the hint and put the car seat into his truck, and off down the road they went to the park.  Poppa took Cam-Man to our little town park, and they had a BLAST.  Cam-Man giggled and full laughed at the swing, couldn’t figure out why he could not walk up the slide, and just over-all had a good time.    The Electrician saw the time (it was 3:30pm), and loaded Cam-Man back up and brought him back to our house. 

The Nursing student came to get him, and that’s when the Electrician had a whoops moment.  He had to get the car-seat out of his truck..ok…Excuse me, but I didn’t know you could not put a car seat in a truck and haul a kid.  Back in my day, hell…we did not even have car seats. 

After learning that you can not put a car seat in a truck in the front seat,  the Electrician put the car seat in the Nursing Student’s car and they talked about it.   Who knew?  Apparently not us.    It was all good though, because Poppa and Cam-Man had a fantastic day.  Memories were made.

p.s. I was not there for the full day and that’s a different post…but the Electrician and Cam-Man made a lot of GREAT memories today….

Let me just add, if the Electrician and I had known that you could not put a Car seat in a truck…..We (he or I would NEVER have done it)


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  1. That Cam sounds like a rather delightful handful – ha!

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