Roadtrip Tuesday…

Today was a little different.  Today is our long day with Cam-Man.  Momma had a doctor’s appointment though, so the Electrician went and picked up Cam-Man, and spent the day with him, while I went over to the Farmer’s and gave Momma her meds, breakfast, and then loaded her up for her “road trip”.  Momma was “excited” about her road trip.  We don’t have a wheelchair ramp yet, but the Farmer located some ramps that we used. (They are for loading up a lawnmower or such into the bed of a truck).  We made them work, and it was a nice roll out to the car.  I had been apprehensive about this part, because I was not there when the Nurses assisted Momma into the car last Friday. 

Whew, it took a few minutes but it was fine.   Off down the road we went with Momma singing and humming to the music that filled up the car.  She chatted with the Farmer and then suddenly after about 20 minutes, Momma went straight up Parkinson’s.  The type where her lips disappear, and she starts shaking.   I reached around the seat to her, I was in the back, she was sitting in the front seat, and hugged her, and tried to get her to settle down.  She calmed for a bit, but not much.  She was due another dose of medicine but not for another 45 minutes.  I think that a lot of it was Momma was out of her “friendly” environment.

When we got to the hospital, I went and got a wheelchair, and assisted Momma out of the car, with the Farmer.    We went in the elevator up to the 6th floor and into the Doctor’s office.  We got into the exam room, and seriously, I do not know what happened.  One minute Momma was ok, but when the Dr. came in she got a panic attack and stared coughing, and nose running and almost choking.  She has NEVER done that before.   We got her calmed down but it broke my heart because there were tears falling from her eyes.  Momma was scared.

All in all the appointment went well, except for me.  I had been so diligent in mixing up Momma’s meds and the appropriate amount of water to flush her tube before and after the meds, except I forgot one thing.  (Insert head smack here) I forgot the syringe.  I thought about it half way there, to far to go back and the only thing to do was finish heading down the road, but I thought that the Doctor’s office might have one (heck it’s a friggin Hospital).  The Doctor’s Nurse and the Doctor did try to find us one though, and for that I say they went above and beyond.  But unfortunately, one could not be found that was the right size.    So, off down the road we went.  The trip home, was pretty much the same as the way there, except I told Momma,  “Hey, close your eyes and snooze until we get home ok?”.  Well, I did, but she didn’t. 

I woke up before we got home, and asked the Farmer “how is she?”  “The same” was the reply.  We pulled up in the driveway, and Momma kinda sighed, I think she knew she was home.   Out of all of the “transfers” I had done today, this one was the hardest.    Momma tried to help, but at one moment I was sitting in the wheelchair holding Momma up, ok, call me crazy I don’t even know how it happened, but we got turned around and Momma ended up in the wheelchair. 

The Farmer wheeled her back up the ramps, and we were back in the house.  Momma seemed to relax a bit.  I went straight for the syringe and the meds, and promptly gave them to her.  The Farmer left again to go vote (today is Election day here in Illinois). 

While he was gone, I sat and calmed Momma down, went and threw the laundry into the dryer (that I had started this morning).  Then asked Momma how she was feeling.  I felt so bad when she started crying and said “I’m so sorry Jo, I do love you”.  I talked to her for a bit and explained to her, that I loved her too, and I only wanted to make her happy and feel comfortable.

We got that all straightened out and I asked her if she wanted to sit in her chair or go lay down and take a nap.  To which she replied, “What would make you happy?”  “Whatever makes YOU happy, will make me happy” is what I told her. 

She looked at me, grabbed my hand and then said with a little smile “I wanna take a nap ok?”  We both started laughing and I took her into her room, and laid her down in bed, tucked her in and gave her a kiss, and “sleep well ok?”

The Farmer came back and remarked at how much better she looked.    She smiled at him, and then I left.  I flew home, and joined Cam-man and the Electrician.  They were outside watering the new grass the Electrician  had planted, and then both the Electrician and Cam-Man took me to the park. 

I can’t tell how much the 3 of us laughed at Cam-Man going down the big boy slide, to a 50-year-old woman swinging on a swing right next to her Grandson.  To the Grandson and Granny riding on the thing that makes you dizzy (it just goes round and round, and man, the Electrician gave me and Cam a ride!)  We both kinda wobbled after that. 

When we got back to our house, Cam-Man had a bowl of sherbet and then the Fisher dude showed up to take Cam-Man home. 

My day has been full of loved one’s and events.  Me, I’m kinda tired.  I thank the Electrician for picking up some of my duties, and  Momma, tomorrow will be better.  To the Farmer, was an adventure, and I promise to PACK everything that we will need in future roadtrips…to everyone else, hope your days are good too.  Night y’all

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  1. It’s interesting (despite the difficulty of things for you and for me) to read about this other kind of Parkinson’s because Husband doesn’t have the shaking kind. Instead he gets paralysed in between drug doses. I have him home for an overnighter and his initial liveliness is now gradually turning into this weird paralysis. I wish you well in this ongoing journey!

    1. Has he ever had the shakey kind?, Momma’s is shakey but she also has paralysis too at times, when she just freezes up. With seeing the med dr. yesterday and changing up her meds, today was so much better.

      1. Yeah, we are having to constantly adjust the meds – no he has never had the shaky kind

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