Surprise Sunday

Well, here it is Sunday evening, and I’ve had a surprisingly terrific day.  I went over to the Farmer’s and made him go out to lunch with some friends, and I spent some quality time with Momma today. 

She was a little dozy with me, but we talked, giggled and over all had a good time.  I let her cat-nap so I could finish the laundry and mop the kitchen and bathroom floors. 

The only thing was, Momma DID NOT want any therapy today.  She advised me in her “prim and proper” voice.  “They didn’t let me do therapy at the Nursing Home on Sundays, and I think I am going to stick with that.  I’m not doing therapy its Sunday”.  Uhm…..ok, no problem.

So, I asked her if she wanted to go for a walk (part of therapy), to which she replied, “Sure, let’s go”.  So, we went for a little walk.  Then I sat her back into her chair, and then I vacuumed the part of the living room (uhm, right in front of her chair), and asked her to lift her legs so I could vacuum, she lifted them up (5 times to be exact).  I asked her to read to me from the Sunday newspaper, and she did.   Uhm…Yup, it was a NO therapy day today. (giggle, uhm, I won that round).

The Farmer arrived home, after enjoying his lunch with his friends although, he did say he needed a nap.He also remembered his daughter, you see, he went to a place called “The Beef House” who is famous for it’s dinner rolls and he brought me some home, yummo.   So, I scooted off down the road to my house with my Beef house rolls.  When I arrived home, after the Electrician had called me and asked to stop and get a bag of ice. (Yes, our ice maker has gone fritzy) 

I walked in and asked him if something was on fire, to which I got my surprise.  While I had been with Momma, my beloved Electrician had made me dinner.  After watching Food Network, in my house, it’s paid off.  This man-made me pork tenderloin wrapped in bacon (on the grill), broccoli and rice with cheese sauce, a mixed green salad with all kinds of lovely favorites in it, and grilled garlic bread.  uhm, burp, uhm, excuse me.  I was in heaven AND I washed the dishes, while he dried and put away.

This man never ceases to amaze me.  He takes such good care of me too.

I came across a saying today, and I’m using it in my closing.  First off , I have a lot of respect for the person that said it, secondly, this person also suffers from Parkinson’s Disease, and Momma reads every article he writes. I also love his movies and his series of “Back to the Future” are one of my all time fav’s.

“Family is not an important thing, it is EVERYTHING”, Michael J. Fox


Night peeps…:)


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