Harley Memories…

Ok, kids, I finally went to bed last night at oh…uhm…3:02 am.  I am paying for that today.  I woke up about 9:10am, and the Electrician smiled at me as I stumbled out of the bedroom with my eyes barely open.  I almost ran into the bedroom door, because it usually isn’t shut.  Apparently Ms. Baby had a goal this morning, and that was to get me up, the  Electrician shut the door so she would not disturb me.  I think she is seriously not happy until both of us are up, so she can go back to bed.

The weather today has been AMAZING.  After I surfaced (with a few cups of coffee under my belt). I got busy, I stripped the bed of the flannel sheets, to be replaced by some new flannel sheets that the Farmer so graciously gave me (after I found them in Momma‘s closet).  I did a couple of  loads of laundry and then the Electrician hung my old flannel sheets on the deck to dry.  We worked together on dinner.  He got he grill ready, and I made a spice rub for the Boston Butt pork roast we had.    After being on the grill for about 3 hours, Uhmm..with the potato salad and corn n broccoli, (burp), I was full.

But, while I was sitting upstairs taking a break, I looked at this picture, and it brought so many memories back to me, that I wanted to share them.

Yes, the Electrician and I used to own a Harley Davidson Sportster1200cc,   We had so much fun on that thing. 

  This photo is about 9 years ago.  Some friends of ours rode and talked us into buying one.  So, we did.  The Electrician and his friend drove to Ohio to get it (we got it for a really good price).  They brought it home on the back of the pick-up.  The Electrician had no clue how to drive it, and had already scheduled to take classes.    They arrived to our house and the Electrician parked in my back yard until the next morning.  We went out to look it over (on the back of the pick-up).  “I’m going to start it”, he told me.  “Uhm, honey…do you know what you’re doing?”  I asked…  I was standing on the top of the deck looking down and I shouted to him “Make sure it’s NOT in gear ok?”  “I got this” he told me.  Well, he didn’t have “this” but it all turned out ok. 

Our neighbor the “other farmer” came over to scope out the new  Harley  and got on it and started it up, and not knowing that the Electrician had left it in gear. Started it up and almost ended up going through my garage door.  Fortunatly fo me, he stopped it BEFORE going through the garage door.  He shut it down and promptly got off the Harley and SCREAMED at the Electrician “DO NOT EVER EVER LEAVE IT IN GEAR MAN”  We were all laughing so hard it was unbelieveable.  But the Electrician learned a good lesson that day.

You see, I rode a dirt bike when I was younger, hey, I spent time in Palmdale, California, with my cousin’s.  They thought it was a blast to ride in the desert and go through dirt tracks.  It was all good for me, until I flipped that sucker and didn’t have enough weight on me to get it started again, and I had to walk that sucker 2 miles back home.  I also rode with my other cousin who was a cop in Albuquerque, and he had a Honda.  We had to wear helmets, and I didn’t know there was a intercom system in the helmets, and I heard “This is God”, I finally figured it out, but it kinda freakedme out.

But I digress….  The Electrician went to Motorcycle class for 2 Saturday’s in a row, and passed his test.  Me, I told him to get some riding time in before I rode with him.  You see, I know that to ride a motorcycle, much less a Harley Davidson, by yourself, and then to add a passenger, you have to be comfortable and GOOD. 

When the Electrician finally got comfortable and asked me to ride, Baby, I was gone.  We spent many an evening just riding.  We went on a few “poker runs”, and even rode for charity.  I began to think it was “my escape”.  I used to call the electrician and tell him I needed an attitude adjustment ride. 

The wind in your face and the thrill of the ride.  Yup, I  loved it.  Until, we went on the Interstate.  When suddenly a BIG ASS Semi passes your butt and you realise how small you are  compared to them.   When you get stuck in a rain storm, and man does that stuff  HURT.  Don’t get me wrong, I loved it.  But then suddenly, there were a lot of accident’s because people don’t watch out for motorcycles and we aged.  All of a sudden we didn’t have time to ride anymore. 

We had to mow the yard, take care of kids, work and other things.  The Harley sat in the garage more than we rode it.    So, after a long heart-to-heart, the Electrician and I decided to sell it.  Funny thing was, we got the same amount we bought it for.  So, in essence we had it for 3-4 years, rode it around and made some fabulous memories, and  didn’t lose anything.

There is so much more to it than I’ve stated, but some memories have to stay private IF you know what I mean..:):)


4 responses

  1. luv it! where’s the tat’s???

    1. P – TAT’S…uhm…yea…none yet, but it’ not over…love ya…

  2. Didn’t realize you had owned a Harley! Got one of my own now and having a blast!

    1. Ours was so much fun, and now that we actually have the time to ride, we don’t have it anymore..:( But they are so much fun!

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