Spa Day

Well…here it is 11:57 PM, and I’ve been home for about a half an hour.  Today, I went over to the Farmer’s house at about noon, so he could take off for one of his big days of the year. (But that’s another post.)

So, I spent the day with Momma. ( Thanks to the Electrician for parting with his beloved for the day and night.)  Momma was in rare form when I got there.  She was happy to see me because I’ve been telling her all week, Saturday was going to be “Spa Day”. 

So, after starting the first of what would be many loads of laundry, I came back upstairs and got out the foot bath thingy, that they have.  I stripped Momma’s feet of all socks, and plunged her happy feet into a bath, of warm bubbly water.  There has been a marathon of “The Walton’s” on all day, so we watched an episode.  Momma was kinda dozing with a smile on her face, until I grabbed one of her feet and went to work.

In Parkinson’s patients, sometimes their feet can twist and make walking very hard.  Their toenails are kinda malformed as well.  For Momma, it’s been a while since she’s had her toenails clipped, and my work was cut out for me.   After accomplishing that, Momma got a foot massage, and all lotioned up.  Onto the next one.  I guess she enjoys having her feet rubbed because by the time I was done with the second, Momma was snoring.  I put her socks back on, but left her shoes off.

Round 2-3 of laundry.  In between, I mopped the kitchen and bathroom floors, cleaned the kitchen counters, and put away another load of supplies that was delivered.

After giving Momma some more meds, I proceeded to give her a manicure, complete with the bubbly soak, but darn I forgot the nail polish, so she had a hand massage instead.  Then she got a facial, which she truly enjoyed.

I took a little break from spa day, because the next step I would need assistance for, and I had to wait until Joyce (who puts Momma to bed every night and get’s her up on the weekends) arrived.

I went into Momma’s room and hung some pictures, and did a little bit more organizing, and got everything looking spiffy.   So, then I went into the kitchen and whipped up a bacon, asparagus, swiss cheese Quiche, for the Farmer’s breakfast for tomorrow.  Although, I did eat a piece and gave Joyce some too.

Joyce arrived and I explained my plan to her, and she was game.  So, we got Momma up and walking around and went into the kitchen.  Let me back track here for a minute, I used to wash Momma’s hair twice a week at the kitchen sink.  The Farmer even installed a new nozzle to make it easier for both of us.  Since Momma has been home, I’ve only been able to wash her hair with the “No Rinse” stuff, and that leaves a build-up. So, we got Momma to the kitchen sink, explained what we wanted her to do, and she did it.

Although, I do have to say, my nice clean kitchen floor got a little messed up, AND we had to change Momma’s clothes at the end of it.  But, Momma was a trooper.  She stood for about 20 minutes while she got her head scrubbed.  We had positioned Momma’s walker behind her so that when we were done she could sit on her walker.  (She has a fancy one with a seat on it).  She sat down on the walker with her hair wrapped up in a towel and smiled.

Joyce and I wheeled her back to her chair where she stood up and walked in a circle so she could back into her chair, and then got her hair blow dried.

We all three sat and chatted for a bit, and then Joyce put Momma to bed.  Joyce left smiling with her Quiche, although note to the Farmer, the porch light is burned out again.  I went in and gave Momma her last round of meds, and then sat with her for about an hour, then told her to take a nap until the Farmer got home.  She drifted off.

I went and finished up all of the laundry, cleaned the kitchen (again), spot mopped the floor.  Then I made myself a cuppa, and sat down for a few minutes.  The next thing I knew, the Farmer was walking in the back door.  (I must have been asleep for about an hour).  I gave him a progress report, listened about his “event”, then packed up my happy self and drove home.

When I got home, the Electrician had left the lights on for me, and I got a sniff over from Ms. Baby.  Today, was a good one.  Momma got her “Spa Day” and I had fun giving it to her.


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