“Freaky Tuesday”

Okie dokie, I have just spent the last hour on a post.  It has disappeared.  So, I am taking that as a sign, y’all really didn’t want to read that post, so I will talk about my day instead.

Today was a swap day for the Electrician and I.  Today was our long Tuesday with Cam-Man, but momma had a Doctor’s appointment.  So, the Electrician volunteered to watch Cam-Man, so I could help Momma.

I went and picked up the little dude and dropped his Momma off at school, and then back to my house. (Her car is to be towed today)  I worked it out with the Farmer that he could give Momma her first meds of the day.  It helps a lot that the Farmer got a TRUE Doctor’s stethoscope, and he can actually hear through it.

So when Cam-Man saw the direction we were headed and all of a sudden, lil’ man was giggling,singing and just over-all non-stop excited.  We pulled up in front of my house and lil’ man was excited.  I got him out of his car seat and set him down and that kid took off at a run, arms swinging.  Just as he got to the front door it opened, and his Poppa stood there opening the door for him.  Cam-Man let out a squeal and got swooped up into Poppa’s arms.

I got Cam-man his breakfast and hung out with him while his Poppa finished lifting weights and taking a shower.  Now, I don’t know about you, but me?  I don’t eat a very big breakfast.  Cam-Man polished off some dry cereal, french toast and a cup of milk and then helped his Poppa eat a bowl of cereal too, as well as helped me with my egg, cheese and ham grilled sammich.

I can only pass on information from the rest of Cam-Man’s day as told to me by the Electrician, because I went to the Farmer’s and we had a road trip to the Doctor’s office. 

My day went like this, I got to the Farmer’s and Momma was awake, so I gave her a bath, got her dressed and then we did some exercises, and walked into the front room to her chair.  We did a couple of more therapy exercises and then I gave her the second round of meds, with a meal, and then I told her to relax.  I did the laundry and remade her bed.  Momma was looking at me today, like she knew something was “up”.    I’ve found in my experience when there is a road trip involved, it’s best if Momma does not know about it until the last possible minute.  I turned on “The Walton’s“, and Momma relaxed.

I went about making things ready, last time we went on a road trip, I forgot a very important item, the syringe.  Today, while I mixed her 2:00 meds, I packed the syringe FIRST, and meds second with the trusty water bottle third.    I got this one. (insert head nod and smile here).

I got out the wheelchair, (we haven’t used it since the last road trip), and Momma noticed.  The Farmer and I reset the wheelchair ramps that we are using until the ramp is built (it’s in the works).  When Momma looked at me and asked “Are we going somewhere?”  “Uhm, yup Momma you have a Doctor’s appointment in about 30 minutes, and I don’t want you to get upset, because this one is in town about 15 minutes away ok?”  “Ok, I’ll do my best ok?”

When it came time to load her up into the car, Momma got out of her chair and backed into the walker no problem.  We got out to the car, no problem, we got Momma into the car, no problem.  (The Farmer REALLY needs to realise how scary this is to Momma). We set off on our journey, and Momma talked the whole time.  Momma even asked the Farmer if he missed the times they used to go into Steak – n -Shake together. 

We got to the clinic, and then there was a problem.  I went and got a wheelchair from the foyer, and set it up, and slowly got Momma out of the car.  The problem was she wanted to grab onto the door instead of trusting me.  The Farmer pried her hands off the door and I did a pivot (which I UNDERSTAND is scary) and gently eased her into the wheelchair. 

We went in and checked in and waited for Momma to be called.  The Nurse came out and got us and then took Momma’s temp, and asked about getting up to be weighed.  By now, Momma is half blown Parkinson’s, so that was NOT an option.  We went into the exam room, and I do have to say I was impressed.  We waited exactly 3.2 minutes, and the Doctor was there.  We went through the exam, the Doctor listened to our concerns and gave some advice, and then had Momma go for a blood work up.  So, we left the exam room and went to the Lab for the Blood work up.  They got Momma in and out in no time. 

The Farmer went and got the car, and Momma and I were waiting.  The only thing was it was 2:30 and I had NOT given Momma her 2:00 meds.  The Farmer told me to wait until we got home.   We had a hard time getting Momma into the car.  The Farmer was yelling because Momma had a death grip on the door and I was trying to convince Momma it was ok.

I finally got her into the car, and we drove home.  When we got home, Momma was visibly upset, and I did my best to calm her down.  We got her into the wheelchair and back into the house.  We all breathed a sigh of relief.  Momma did really good getting out of the wheelchair into her “chair”.

The Farmer left to go to Wal-Mart, to get the med’s the Doctor had recommended, and I gave Momma her meds.  I am between a rock and a hard place here, but I am going to say it, to the Farmer, this is not meant to hurt your feelings, I am telling what happened.

I gave Momma her 2:00 meds, and then calmed her down, you see she was crying.  When I asked her why, she said because the Farmer had yelled at her and hurt her feelings.  She said she had been trying so hard, and thought she was doing well, she had talked to the nurse and the doctor, but it scared her about getting into and out of the car.  She said she thought the car was more important to him than her.  I about lost it, and I very strongly told her, she was more important than any dumb car, and that part of the Farmer getting upset because he was scared.  She seemed to accept that and I told her to take a nap, and she did. 

While you and I may take for granted the ability to get up and do what we please, it’s a lot harder for a Parkinson’s patient.  Sometimes they have no control of their body, nor their mind.  Momma tried so hard to have control today, and while I can say she did SO GOOD and I am so proud of her, in her eyes, she failed.  I did re-enforce everything good.  She did take a nap.

The Farmer came back and I boot-scooted-boogied out of there, because I had 2 guys waiting for me at my house.

I flew home, and both of the “guys” were glad to see me.  Apparently, Poppa and Cam had been to the park twice, had a fantastic day.  Poppa was happy to see me so I could take over.  I did, and me and Cam had a good time.  His Daddy (Fisher-dude) came to get him at about 4:30, and the Nursing Student‘s car is at the Mechanic’s shop getting ready to get fixed tomorrow morning.

So all in all today has been a day,  To the Electrician who has picked up Camsgranny’s slack, thank you (although you’ve made some memories today:)), to the Farmer,  your Momma (Grandma B.) always used to tell me Patience is a virtue, (uhm, I can GUESS where I got this trait), to Momma, we love you.  To Cam-Man…see ya tomorrow buddy.

Night y’all



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  1. Sounds like a very tough day.

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