Titles…of life…

A funny thing happened today, and I have just now realized it.  (it’s been a day and I am reflecting upon it and finding good in it).

I went and scooped up Cam-Man this morning and dropped off the Nursing Student at school (yup, her car went kabluey again)(but it’s at the shop and should be fixed today).    Cam-Man and I blew into the Farmer’s house and Cam and the Farmer had a hugging session and I got busy with Momma.

Her med’s were all ready to go, so I went inside and listened on the stethoscope to her tummy, all was ok there, and then gave her med’s and “breakfast”.  I changed her pants, and got her all cleaned up and then covered her up again and let her sleep.  All the while Cam-Man was sitting on the end of the bed giving Momma encouragement by rubbing her feet.

Cam-man had pancakes for breakfast and the Farmer and I had hash browns (Cam man too) and fried ham (leftover from Easter dinner), and eggs and toast.   Cam-Man helped me with the dishes (he LOVES to help, he likes doing dishes and laundry).

We went and got Momma dressed, did some therapy, and ready to go.  We got her up and she actually walked a few steps but then Parkinson’s stepped in and took over.  So, we improvised as quick as we could, and we put her porta-potty behind her and let her sit down.    I went and got the wheelchair, and we maneuvered her into it. (I told the Farmer I was sweating like  a..oops, never mind).  We got her into the front room, and got her up and into her chair.  Cam-Man giving encouragement the whole way.

The Farmer left to run his errand and Cam-Man and I did laundry, stripped Momma’s bed and re-made it.  Folks, it’s amazing to me how much help this 22 month old lil’ person is.  He helps me do things, and plays while he does it.  We have a game of the laundry, I put it into the washer and he puts the soap in and turns it on.  I put it into the dryer, he puts the dryer sheets in and turns it on.  He unloads the dryer (it’s his favorite), throws it into the basket and then hands me everything to fold.

Momma was napping in her chair, she was still all Parked up, and it was time for some more medicine.  I gave it to her, and she slept through it.  Cam-Man and I were tidying things up when the Farmer AND the Electrician walked in.  Cam-Man went into a fit of giggles and ran to his Poppa.

The Electrician was there to fix the front porch light, and to grab the firewood  in the Farmer’s front yard, thanks to the Electric company for trimming the Farmer’s tree’s.

Some things happened, and when it was time to go, it is funny to me now.  Cam-Man has always known the Farmer as Granpa, he’s always known the Electrician as Poppa, he knows Momma by Grandma, and me…I think I’m Geema or Meemaw.

The reason I say this, is because Cam and Poppa were playing, and I told Cam to go give Grampa hugs, because it was time to go.  He went right up to the Farmer and gave him a big hug.  I then told Cam to go hug Grandma, and he went up to Momma, and gave her a “fist bump” and a hug.  I don’t know what this kid has about fist bumps but he is all over that.   Then he went up to his Poppa and raised his arms.  He said “Poppa go”.  So we left.  Although Cam-man was in my Rav 4 and his Poppa backed up and loaded the wood into the S10, with Cam watching him the whole way.

We toddled off down the road and when his Poppa turned off, Cam-Man was watching.  He waved and it was too cute.    I took Cam back to his house and was just unloading him when the Nursing Student came running out of the house and said, Hey, Jo, can you take me to pick up my car?”  “well yes, is it ready?”.

Off down the road we went again, and we got to the Nursing Student’s car.  It was really funny because she got out of my car and went inside, Cam and I were playing in the car waiting for her, when she came out with the Fisher dude. Neither one of us had noticed the Blazer there.  Fisher-dude had got off work early and was there to pay the bill.  Cam-Man lit up when his Daddy walked up and opened his door.  It was pretty funny.  They unloaded out of my car and went on their way and I came home.

I’ve been in a funk all day, I can’t explain it.  Well, I can, but I don’t want to.  But then it suddenly hit me while the Electrician and I were talking.  We all have titles in life, first it is Son or Daughter, then it is wife or husband, then Dad or Mom, then it is Granpa, Granma, or in our case Poppa and Meemaw.

I just find it funny that the Electrician NEVER wanted to be called Grandpa, and he hasn’t.  Grandpa, is the term Cam-Man knows for his Great Grandpa, and Poppa is well…Poppa.  Grandma is his Great Grandma, and me…well, on some days I’m G’eema or Meemaw.

The titles in life, that I really never gave thought to, but here they are.  What are you called?  personally, I love all of my titles, Daughter, Wife, Mother and Meemaw or Geema…….


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