Camsgranny has had a day…

To all of my readers…I’ve had a day, to the Farmer, I’m sorry, to other’s who have had my back…I love you…to those that have attacked me..this is what I have to say to you…

Camsgranny has not felt well today, but to certain people, and I know you read my posts…. This is for you.  While you may attack me, I choose to not respond, because I can only hope that someday, you will understand what I do, and to also, realize that sometimes, you need to GROW up and accept what you have done, and also to not blame other’s for your actions.  At some point in your life YOU have to accept responsibility for YOUR actions, and QUIT  blaming others.    I have not responded, because dead people cannot speak.  And that is what you told me, I am dead to you.  May God Hold you close.


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  1. Shit – what has happened?

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