A Case of the missing shoes.

Yesterday, was a bad day for Camsgranny.  She woke up on time, however, had a case of the “Oh my goodness, I’m hot and sweaty and I don’t feel well”.  Nevertheless, I went and picked up Cam-Man, called the Farmer and told him I had a temp and would not be able to help with Momma.

I brought a very tired Cam-Man home to my house, and the Electrician took over for Camsgranny.  Cam-Man and the Electrician had a wonderful day together.  They went and ran errands together, and the Electrician called me from the Grocery store a few times asking if we needed such-n-such as it was on sale.

I slept on the couch took anti-biotics and sweated my happy butt off.  Cam-man and the Electrician arrived back home.  Cam-Man was happily sucking on a sucker he had gotten from one of the places that he and his Poppa had visited.  I changed his pants, and he started doing “therapy” that he does with Momma, so he knew his routine was a little “off” today.

I put away groceries and we all had lunch, then Cam-Man went down for a nap, and so did I and the Electrician.  Sinus stuff really messes with your whole body, who knew?  We all woke up and the Electrician had to go run another errand, and was in the process of changing from his flip-flops to his boots, when Cam-Man decided to “help” his Poppa.

They hugged and kissed and said “bye”, the Nursing Student was already on her way to get Cam-Man, so the Electrician knew when he got home Cam would not be here.  The Electrician left, and Cam and I had a few minutes of snuggle time.  The Nursing Student came and grabbed up Cam-Man, and they both left.  I then vacumed the upstairs and downstairs, and then fell onto the couch. 

The Electrician got home and then went to take a shower.  When he got out, he asked me where his flip-flops were.  I asked him “where did you leave them?”  He said “right next to the couch”.  Folks, the Electrician and I searched for his shoes for about a half an hour.  We could not find them and it looked like they had dissappeared off the face of the earth.

Until, I remembered, Cam-Man had been here when the Electrician had changed his shoes.  So, I did the only thing I had not done previously in my search, I looked in Cam-Man’s crib.  Yep, they were there.  He has a habit of taking things he feels are important and throwing them in his crib.  I think he does this because his older brother throws things HE likes and doesn’t want Cam-Man to have into the crib. 

I giggled and came back downstairs and told the Electrician, that apparently his shoes were important to Cam-Man because they ended up in his “important spot”. 



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