Pictures are worth so much more than words…

This is the Farmer and Momma, it’s been a few years.  They were aboard the QEII for a cruise.  They actually cruised on the QEII twice.   The first trip included Tenerife (Canary Islands) and Madeira, Portugal.  The second trip was to Lisbon, Portugal and Vigo, Spain.  They really enjoyed their trips, and Momma still hugs Mr. Bear, who was acquired on one of  the trips.

 They left England out of Southampton.  That leads me into the Titanic, whose anniversary starts this evening at 10:45pm.  The Unsinkable ship that sank.  1,514 people perished that evening.  I have been fascinated with the history and such for a long time.  Also to the youth of today, YES, it was a REAL LIFE event, and NOT just a movie. 

Apparently by all I’ve read, there is to be an auction of some of the artifacts that have been recovered from the ship.  I find this sad in a way, monetary gain over a tragedy  To read about some of the survivor’s stories, this is something they lived with their whole life.  To be a part of that type of tragedy must be at some level horrific.

Cruising on a ship today has improved so much from back then,  Yes, when the Electrician and I went on our cruise, I had thoughts that something terrible would happen.  But it didn’t.



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