Memory lane and progression.

When I first started this blog, oh a few months ago (9/18/11), I was filled with such a sense of adventure.  One that continues.  I took myself down memory lane today, and read some of my previous posts.  I found myself  back in the situation at the  time that I wrote it.  I also saw a progression in Momma’s Parkinson’s.  While this is not a bad thing, it is an eye-opening thing.

Today, I scooped up Cam-Man and off we went to the Farmer’s.  We arrived and I went in to see Momma.  I wanted to change her bed-clothes, and get her dry, then give her the morning meds, and breakfast.  Cam-Man was all over the place this morning.  He climbed up on the bed, while I was changing Momma’s pants, and promptly did something the Electrician had taught him.  He grabbed his nose and went “pewee”.  Cam-Man got run out of the room to go spend some quality time with the Farmer. 

Momma was now dry and clean, and  had  her meds, and I let her go back to sleep for a while.  Meanwhile, I fed Cam-Man some Apples and cinnamon oatmeal, with some fresh watermelon, While I made Bacon, scrambled eggs and toast for the Farmer, which, Cam-Man had some of that too.

Lil’ Dude was so all over the place this morning that, when it was time for me to get Momma dressed, I let him come in and climb on the bed with her, and hold her hand, until I sat her up.  Cam-Man got bored and toddled off.  I got Momma dressed and we were ready to stand up and finish the job, when I called the Farmer to come help me.  Cam-Man came running in the room and reminded me about Therapy.  So, Cam-Man led Momma in therapy, it was quite funny to watch.  He did the leg lifts and then Momma did the leg lifts, watching Cam-Man the whole time.    Those two just straight up crack me up.

Momma walked to her chair this morning and then I’m not quite sure what happened.  I was running around the house trying to get everything done, laundry, cleaning the bathroom (after I dumped the WRONG bucket in the bathtub and it went EVERYWHERE).  Going through Momma’s clothes, that no longer fit.

Cam-Man settled down with a mug of milk in the front room with Momma, they were watching “Word World”, (both of them participated to by the way.)

I wrapped up with giving Momma her noon meds, and then I took Cam-Man back to the Nursing Student.  Then my Adventure began.  You see, the Farmer gave me some money to do a little clothes shopping for Momma.  I went to the store, and found some really cute clothes for Momma, that will fit her, and will be comfortable. 

First,  let me just say that I came in UNDER budget.  Momma got 3 new Capri pants, and 4 new shirts.   I will post a picture of my “frivolous” buy, I plan to dress her in it tomorrow.    

I brought my purchases back to the Farmer’s and Momma was…well…she was awake, lively and Momma.  We made a show out of taking things out of the bag for Momma to look at.  She loved the capris I had picked out, and liked the generic shirts, I had found.  But the last two, one shirt is blue and has sparkles on it, and it just straight up reminded me of Momma.

Momma saw it and smiled so big, WIN, for me.  She just kept saying how soft it was.  Then it was time for my “surprise” for her.   For those of you that don’t know, My Momma is half Irish.  Folks, this shirt is BRIGHT green, and has the following on it   Half Irish, BUT all trouble”.  While the Blue shirt was a Win, this shirt was a SCORE one for me.    The Farmer straight up busted into a belly laugh and Momma, giggled, and then wanted a hug, and she told me, “I love you, Joanne”.

So, all in all my shopping trip was a success, but it wasn’t as good as the last one where Momma actually got to go with me to do shopping for her clothes. 

After hanging up her clothes, I helped her again, and in Cam-Man’s words  “pewee”.    It’s not all smiles and giggles being a Caretaker of a Parkinson’s patient.  It’s even a little weird wiping your Momma’s butt, BUT, at the end of the day, when I can reflect, remember, and realize, I am on a journey, and this one I would not miss for the world. 


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  1. I think you are amazing!!!

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