Happy Birthday Momma!

Today dawned, nice and sunny, with barely any wind.  I went and scooped up Cam-Man as usual, and I let him in on a Secret.  Today was his Great Grandma’s Birthday.  He seemed kinda excited, and as soon as we got to the Farmer’s house, he strutted in as normal, and peeked at his Great G’ma (Momma) who was still sleeping.

I went in and did the normal morning thing with Momma,   and then let her sleep for another hour before getting her up.  Cam-Man, had decided (while I was cleaning Momma up), to look through the pantry and find what HE wanted for breakfast.  So, upon entering the kitchen to Cam-Man having just about everything pulled OUT of the pantry, and came up to me holding a pack of Instant Peaches and Cream Oatmeal.  I made his Oatmeal, while he was putting things back INTO the pantry.  While Cam-Man was eating, I made the Farmer a breakfast sammich of ham cheese and egg, grilled.

I got the sink ready to wash all the dishes and Cam decided he had to earn his breakfast so….I let him go…Hey, if the kid wants to play in the water and wash dishes, Who am I to stop him?  I was right there with him, and he’s figured out how to climb on this chair by himself, and has also figured out how NOT to fall off.  By the way just to let you know, my little ham was saying cheese when  took the picture.


Anyway, I went in and got Momma up, and dressed her into her new clothes,when all of a sudden, Cam-Man and the Farmer came in and folks WE ALL did therapy together this morning.  It was a sight to see.   I think Momma got a kick out of it, because she was a little slow starting this morning.

We made it into the front room, and the Farmer left to run some errands, and I went and threw the laundry in the washer, when I came back upstairs this is what I walked into.  Cam-Man had his seat for “Word World” and he was watching… 

Momma well she was watching too.  Momma made the comment today, that she enjoys going through kindergarten again with Cam-Man and it’s funny to me that both of them try to “outdo” each other by yelling out letters.  Cam and Momma both sing the ABC song together and it makes my heart melt, because while Cam cannot say all of the letters, Momma helps him out.

This would be Momma, she was all dressed up for her Birthday… and saw me peeking around the corner.  I guess she was helping Cam-Man with Word World, and I interrupted.

Today is Momma’s birthday, when the Farmer and I told her Happy Birthday, she was really pleased, and then she got a card from the Farmer and one from a relative.  She was opening them when we asked how old she was.  Her reply was “Uhm close to 70 right?”  “Uhm,Momma you are 68, which I guess is close to 70”. 

This is the Farmer and  Momma on their wedding day, psst…the anniversary is coming up.  They have been married for 31 years.  When I look at this picture, I am filled with love for this woman, who married my Dad, and Me.

A lot of people ask me why I take care of her.  You know why?    Because this is my Momma, she has taken care of the Farmer for a bunch of years, and she’s taken care of me too.   She has been a best friend, and a Momma too.  Happy Birthday, Momma, it’s hard to do something special, because I can’t bake a cake for you, because you can’t eat it, I can’t have a drink with you because you can’t drink it, But I can do whatever I can to make you comfortable, and love you to pieces, and if kindergarten “Word World” makes you happy, then I’m happy too.  P.s. YUP, this is the shirt I was talking about…”Half Irish ALL trouble”..It fits my Momma, in more ways than one.

2 responses

  1. I feel awful for not already realizing how relatively young your mother is – lovely post and pictures!

    1. Don’t fret, I guess when I think about it, she is only 19 years older than I am. She is actually 9 years younger than my Dad.

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