Ok, I may be in a funk, but I have to share my serious giggle with all of you.  Months ago when I started my blog, I named it Camsgranny, because….well, I am Camsgranny.

I did not know about certain websites, that involve porno.  One of them being Granny Cams.    First off, when I did find out, I put out a disclaimer about me NOT being affiliated with them.

Well, I was remarking to the Electrician that I had 5 new followers….lo and behold, today, I have 5 less followers.  

Uhm, Folks, this blog is about Me, Momma, Parkinson’s,  Cam-Man, and my life, I’m sorry to disappoint you, but uhm….NO PORNO here.

I’m still laughing about it….



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  1. Oh this is hilarious!

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