Switch Up Friday…

Today in my world, we switched it up.  This morning, I woke up at 5:30 am because I was afraid I would be late picking Cam-Man up at 7 am.  So, I got up and drank some coffee and hit the road at 6:30.  I left a few minutes early because I had to drive by a certain residence in my small town (which will be another post).  After driving by, I giggled.

I scooped up Cam-Man who was happy to see me peering into his crib asking “Hey Cam-Man you wanna wake up and go see Poppa?”  After getting his pants changed, and me grabbing another set of clothes plus his shoes and socks, and having him grab his jacket, and his blankey.  Kissing and hugging his Momma bye, off we went.

Cam-Man looked a little confused when I told him where we were going, as we got closer to my house, that lil dude livened up BIG TIME.    We pulled up and got all our stuff and came inside, Cam-Man yelled “POPPA” when we got inside.  Usually Poppa meets us at the door, but not this morning, he was uhm…busy.  Poppa finally came upstairs and there was a squeal from Cam-Man.

I drank another cup of coffee, and fed Cam-man breakfast while the Electrician took a shower.  Then, Poppa came up and told Camsgranny, “Hit the road k?  I got this”.

Off down the road I went to the Farmer’s.  When I got there, I gave Momma her meds, and got her dry.  I made a cup of coffee and went in to chat to the Farmer.  He was going to do a road trip today, so, I shooed him off, and he left. 

I had a game plan today.  It was raining and gloomy outside, and on days like this Momma usually does not do to well.  So, we made an agreement, when I went in to get Momma up, I asked her, “do you want to get up now, or be lazy and sleep a little while longer?”‘  She replied with a little grin “Can I sleep in my bed a little longer?”  “Yes, you can sleep in your bed a little longer but we have to make a deal”..  she looked at me and asked “what’s the deal?”  I replied (trying to keep a straight face)  “You can sleep as long as you want, but every 2 hours I am coming in here and you are going to change position, and I’m gonna change your pants, and you can’t complain when I tell you it’s time to get up and YOU have to help me ok?”.  She giggled, folks, she looked me straight in the eye, gave me her hand and said “DEAL”.

So, I let her be lazy today.  However, while she was sleeping I mopped the kitchen, bathroom  and dining room floors, did ALL of the Farmer’s laundry, did ALL of Momma’s laundry, cleaned the Farmer’s bathroom, cleaned Momma’s bathroom, baked some Oatmeal raison cookies (for the Farmer, they are his favorite).  Cleaned out the fridge (I think the Farmer is trying a science experiment with mold).   Washed all the dishes and then read the paper.

After letting Momma sleep for a while, and I checked her and shifted her butt over 2 times, I finally went in and asked her if she was ready to get up.  Folks, I got the Sunny smile and was told, sure, I feel great.

So, I gave her a bath, got her dressed and between the two of us, and Momma worked hard.  We had therapy while she was in her bed, and then when she was sitting on the edge of the bed.   I will tell you now, I was a little scared, and nervous.  On a regular day it takes me and the Farmer to get Momma up and walking.  Today, Momma and I did it together.  I made sure she had all of her limbs “loose”, and I asked her if she was ready, and she told me “Joanne, you and I have this ok, trust me”.  “I always trust you Momma, and I’m glad you trust me” was all I said.

SUCCESS story, We made it with bells ringing, (literally, there was an ambulance screaming down Route One with its sirens blazing).  Momma sat in her chair and then her and I chatted.  Momma looked out the window and she said, “Wow what a grey day, it reminds me of England”.  “I know, Momma, how are you feeling?”   “Sleepy”. was her reply.  Yea, you guessed it, she fell back asleep in her chair.  Me?  I dozed off for a few minutes, until I heard the back door open, and in walked the Farmer.

“Can you help me unload?” he asked me as I walked into the kitchen.  I spent the next few minutes unloading from all of the purchases from “Sam’s Club”.  I put everything away (or so I thought) and I hugged both the Farmer and Momma and headed down the road to my house.  Half way there I realized that I had not put the freezer things away, and I called the Farmer.  “UHM, Dad, I think I forgot to put the butter and bacon in the freezer, I carried them downstairs and got sidetracked putting the paper stuff away, can you check for me please?”

I was right, I got completely sidetracked, and the Farmer put the freezer stuff away, I arrived home, and the Electrician had stuff he had to do, so he left Cam-Man (who was totally wiped out) with me.  The rest I will save for another post.

My day today, as a switch up day, The Electrician had a FANTASTIC day with his Grandson, that he will never forget, I had a Great day with Momma, the Farmer got his road trip, and well…I’m kinda tired, so for tonite,  My world is good and the FUNK is gone….

I’m just Blessed with alot of things, I’m thankful for a lot of things, and I’m whacked, kinda like Cam-man…so Nite y’all…


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